20 Little Fashion Struggles Every Girl Knows All Too Well

Walking in heels and feeling like people can hear you coming from three miles away, therefore trying to tiptoe and also not look like a baby zebra all at the same time.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 5.59.36 PMElla Ceron is a writer from Los Angeles, now living in Manhattan. She tweets at @ellaceron.

You Need To Experience Failure In Order To Succeed

Maybe allow yourself to experience what its like to ACTUALLY feel like you’re failing, and without attaching any negativity to it.

East Coast native living in LA. Dancer, explorer, thinker, and listener.

The Year I Fell In Love (With Coffee)

I need to tell you something. And I’m warning you, this might get mushy. Yuck.

Katie is a 23-year-old grad student, middle sister, and proud New Jerseyan with big hair.

20 Hilarious Easter Tweets That Are Better Than Finding Eggs In Your Yard

There’s no better way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus than with some hilarious tweets.

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How To Deal With A Rat In Your Apartment

Call your landlord. He will tell you that he will drop by two days away from this date with bait and traps. Luckily, you will have lost your sanity by then.

Tasnim Ahmed is a writer who lives in Brooklyn (and has a Twitter). She is the love-child of Prince and Joan Didion, ...
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