The Cure For Emotional Flu

Then when I talk to you, I might do it again.

James AltucherJames Altucher has written nine published books and one comic book. He's created a web series for HBO and is working ...

Be A Constant Complimenter

Every compliment you give should be sincere. I’ve been told I’m quite genuine, and I think that can partly be explained by my constant complimenting. 

boomHello, my name is Jackson Street. But my friends call me the Space Cowboy. I am an avid lover of sports, Harry ...

From Keisha to Kylie: On Name-Based Discrimination And Racism

One morning a few years ago, I went to my office early to get some work done. I heard a few recruiters across the room talking about an applicant from Atlanta.

40094fd4525824233245ceaa80a937fdRich is a writer, webpreneur, and recruiter. He shares career and personal development advice, as well as other ...

4 Simple Ways To Make Yourself Happier

2. Clean Something

Kelli Maria lives relatively close to Atlanta, Ga. You can listen to her rant and occasionally be funny on her ...

5 Travel Lessons You Can Use At Home

A great thing about travel is that it forces you into the moment. When you’re celebrating carnival in Rio, riding a horse on the Mongolian steppe, or exploring a soukin Damascus, there’s a giddy thrill in being exactly where you are and allowing things to happen.

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