The 10 Best Sci-Fi Shows You’ve Never Seen

With the recent success of sci-fi films on the big screen such as Looper, Elysium, Pacific Rim and Gravity, it’s easy to think that sci-fi at the cinema is undergoing a renaissance of sorts.

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What If You Don’t Marry The Girl You Have Awesome Sex With?

There is a little Charlotte York sitting on my shoulder telling me guys lose respect for girls who enjoy sex.

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Are You Unemployed? Get The Ball Rolling With These 7 ‘Politricks’

1. Network You would be a fool to believe that just because you are qualified then it will translate into a job. Just because you have everything right on paper, does not guarantee that you will be hired.

7XZrFEPqKwaku fancies himself a connoisseur of cool, a willing participant of this pop culture obsessive generation. When he ...

The Top 10 Most Underrated Films In The Criterion Collection

For those unaware, The Criterion Collection is essentially the film equivalent to Penguin Classics.

972111_10151703946736908_780983000_n-5Jayme K. is the author of the novel Disorderly and the poetry collection David Bowie is Dead. He lives in Boston with ...

7 Things To Consider When Writing Your Next Anti-Millennials Diatribe

Special people don’t worry about whether or not they’re special – they are too busy doing special-people things like solving world hunger and writing the Great American Novel and living in cool apartments with exposed brick and getting laid.

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