The Surprising Benefits Of Nostalgia

About a decade later, scientists still didn’t know better and went searching for a “nostalgia bone,” thinking they could identify a physical cause for the sentimental feelings of days past. During the two World Wars, “nostalgia” remained a common medical diagnosis among wayward soldiers who tried to abandon the front.

Cody Delistraty is a writer who lives in Paris and New York. Follow him on Twitter.

10 Steps To Focusing On Doing What’s Best For Yourself

Stop making excuses and blaming others for your shortcomings.

I'm a SAHM & Personal Development Blogger, looking to eventually publish a book. I'm married to my H.S. sweetheart of ...

Reclaiming California: Redlands And The Big Blue Sky

San Bernardino County is sort of the Twilight Zone of Southern California. It feels much more like the desert that it is, rather than the heavily developed Orange County and the sprawling urban Los Angeles cityscape.

Heidi is a twenty-one year old radio journalist from Los Angeles who now lives as an ex-pat in Beijing. E-mail her ...

5 Things About Being A Human, Specifically, A Ginger

When your infant self is likened to something along the lines of a candle, that is, a devastatingly pale body with what looks to be flames atop your head, you have to expect a slightly off-kilter upbringing.

An Open Letter To The State Of California

Whenever I miss you, I pray and I bargain with your gods; John Muir and Bethany Cosentino and Malibu Barbie and the ghost of Bradley Nowell.

Whitney is a Los Angeles native living in New York. She listens to way too much Best Coast, and really, really likes ...
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