You Will Move On

You Will Move On

I know that you can’t picture your life without them. It’s not a small thing, a tiny feeling to take lightly. I know that without them, the way your life typically moves and flows changes course in a way you don’t want. I know that they are woven so tightly within the fabric of your life that if they disappeared, you would unravel.

The truth is this: Your life will be different. Of course, things will hurt. Parts of your life are uprooting, they are changing. When things shift, it’s natural to want to resist, because it rarely does so without aching. I am not asking you to believe that your heart won’t break or that you will get over things quickly. I am asking you to recognize that despite this, you will heal, and you will be happy again.

I know there is part of you that can’t even fathom being happy again without their presence by your side. I know they are your world. You know why? You made them that.

I think we often forget that worlds exist too. They live and breathe. They feel and move. They rotate and change. They aren’t just here for us. We pretend like they are because we chose them to fixate on, and so they must remain here permanently. They don’t.

The good news is that they are not the only ones that will move on. So will you.

You will move on, and it will be beautiful. It will be devastating at first. It will hurt some. It will feel strange and unfamiliar, but it will be wonderful all the same. It will ask you to step outside of the world you’ve known and to step into a brand new one that is calling your name.

You will move on because they were not your beginning, and they aren’t your ending, either. You existed long before they ever arrived in your life, and you will continue to be your radiant self long after they’ve gone. Just because your worlds collided for a little while, doesn’t mean they have the best of you. The best of you remains and is still becoming every single day.

You will move on because time will do you the gracious favor of erasing the tiny details you swore you’d never forget. It will feel impossible at first. You won’t stop focusing on every memory that you can recall. It will seem insane to believe that when you walk past that street, or hear that song, or watch that movie that you won’t think of them with an ache. Yet Time will eventually wrap you in its arms and slowly allow those memories that feel so sharp now to fade. It will be kind to you in this way, even if it seems to take awhile.

You will move on because you have love to give that shouldn’t be reserved for someone who doesn’t want to stay. It’s understandable to fight for the people you love, but sometimes part of loving them is letting them go whenever they want to leave. You can know that you gave someone your heart, and you did so willingly, but that doesn’t mean they keep it when they walk away. Love doesn’t disappear with one person, it continues to grow. You are capable of so much, and there are others out there who will be deserving of it. They will stay, and they will love you the same way in return.

You will move on because you have to. Whether you want to or not, the person you’re pining for has already decided to change the world you knew into something unrecognizable. You can’t stay there anymore, because it’s only going to ruin you. There is nothing left there for you anymore. So you will move on, because the choices you have are to allow your spirit to die here, or you take a brave step into the promise of the unknown.

You will move on, because your life is waiting for you, and it can’t wait to show you what’s next.

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