8 People On The Unconventional Way They Picked Someone Up

I’m absolutely not too proud to admit I have given my number (both drunk and sober, I’m not gonna lie) to at least 4 Uber drivers and 1 Postmates delivery guy. Now have any of them called me? Only one and if you thought it would be weird, you were right. I guess I just look at those apps and think of them like Tinder, but with a service attached.

Traveling As A Couple? Here’s 7 Tips That Might Just Save Your Trip (And Your Relationship)!

Traveling together can be a unique bonding experience, or it can be stressful and divisive. Somewhere along the way, we reached a tipping point. Now, the simple act of sitting together in a car, train, or airplane, embarking on a new adventure fills us with delight and affection—whether we are headed to the other side of the world or up the road to one of our favorite camping sites.