27 People On The Creepiest Thing They Ever Caught Their Significant Other Doing

I caught my ex hyperventilating into a pair of my soiled boxer briefs when she thought she was alone.

Sophie works for a politician and therefore cannot reveal her true identity. She assures you, however, that she is ...

Dishonesty Is The First Step Out The Door

Human connections are often torn apart by dishonesty. There is nothing more deleterious than a little lie or a hidden truth. Being lied to or being hidden from the truth (perhaps even for our own good) stinks.

A city girl at heart, I write about the things that touch my heart, inspire my thoughts, burden my mind. A Marketing ...

6 Conversation Topics That Should Be Banned Forever

1. Your Dreams

All I Want Is To Be Left Alone; All I Want Is Solitude

I reached my saturation point today.  I wanted complete isolation, with no one watching me or even listening to me.  If I had it my way, the streets would have been empty.

Meg Turner lives in Jerusalem. At university, she studied Anthropology - which actually proved useful despite ...

Remembering My Sister, The Little Blonde Girl That I Used To Laugh And Cry With

All names have been changed to protect their identities. It was an April morning, and I was getting ready for class when I got the text – was it a text or a call?

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