A Poem About Finally Having A Crush On Harry Styles

A Poem About Finally Having A Crush On Harry Styles

Call it a sign of the times,

how I’ve distanced myself from anything popular just because

I’m holding onto something from the past / like I’m still obsessed with being the first to know when something is good.

Remind me, not everyone is my ex.

Not all beautiful things should be shouted to others, like, I KNEW IT FIRST. like, I WANTED HIM BEFORE YOU EVEN KNEW HIM. like, I THINK THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE BEING IN LOVE WITH GHOSTS.

I don’t even believe in paranormal, but I’m still hungry for things I can’t see. I bet your mouth is honey and, didn’t you hear? I’m trying to save the bees.

Somehow I’m empty and needy,

is that a sign of the times or sign that I’m just trying too hard

for something to click?

I’m 25 and terrified it never will. I am too young to be so scared, but that kind of thinking does nothing when you’re still scared. Everyone successful seems younger and hotter and on some tour. Or in love. They’re all in love and someone told me I would eventually move on.

And I guess I did, but moving on looks a lot like routine and apathy.

I’m looking at superstars wanting a relationship with them just so I have something interesting to say.

I’m lonely, but in a way that I still function. I can want you from a distance, but still survive without an introduction. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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