‘Frat Culture’ Isn’t That Bad — It’s The Appropriation That’s Scary

Fraternities receive a significant amount of flack from those who claim that its culture breeds negative attitudes towards academics, partying, and — most unfavorably — women.

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The Women You Left Behind

Now, I am selfish and entitled and lazy. You have pushed me into the corner with the scraps, just as I entered into the adult realm where no one is better than the people they know.

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The 22 Songs That Defined 2013

Ok, some of these are from late 2012 but w/e they are still awesome and amazing.

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If You Were Pretty, You Could

But no one tells you that, no matter how much you tell yourself that you are beautiful, someone will always come around and try to shake you.

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6 Egregiously Insane Things Public Schools Have Done Lately (WTF Is Going On?)

A school bans a Spanish-speaking student from speaking Spanish

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