Why Men Keep Putting You In The Girlfriend Zone

Oh God! How could this possibly be?! Why on Earth would a guy – after getting to know a woman really well through friendship – end up liking her?

Brian is a law school grad, world traveler and blogger who is currently living in Seoul, South Korea working for a ...

9 Signs That You’re A Giver

You Return Everything You Borrow.

Miss Solomon is a dating coach, know it all, social consultant, beautiful person, snob, lover and champion for singles.

My Ex-Girlfriend Will Probably Never Accept My Facebook Friendship Request

In the decade since our relationship, I have worked hard to forgive myself and have realized that at the time, I was doing the best I could with the tools I had. While on some level I knew what was really going on between my own legs, I wasn’t actively lying to my girlfriend.

Louie is a DJ based in New York City. He spins regularly at many of New York City’s premiere venues and clubs ...

10 Ways To Attract Women

Make her work for it! Women like the chase.

Katie Lewin is a freshly minted 20-something. She lives in Santa Cruz and likes mac n cheese (Kraft or nothing, baby) ...

31 Stories About Deaf People Regaining Their Hearing That Will Stun And Inspire You

Get out a tissue. This is some good stuff.

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