There Is Time For You To Be All You Want To Be

There Is Time For You To Be All You Want To Be

Please believe there is still time for you to be all that you want to be.

There is time. It feels like a rush, but there is no rush. Your soul is a boat taking sail with miles of waters surrounding you. These waters are a source called Love and these waters of Love are always around to hold you up. You are not taking steps back or falling behind. You are not too far gone or not far enough. You are not sinking, you are sailing. You are going to crash insanely hard, but you are going to rise insanely strong. It may feel like you have miles of waters to get through until you reach your horizon of clarity or hope – but you are whole now. You are not lacking anything. You will find all you are looking for. Even when you feel like you’re sinking, your soul is sailing for you. Inhale a breath of fresh air. Exhale worries. There is time.

There is time to find the love you desire more than anything. There is time to learn what it means to love.

There is time to have a family of your own if that’s what you want more than anything.

There is time to figure out what job you’re meant to have. Society places unnecessary pressure on young people to know what they want to do right away, but there is no need to. And If you don’t like the job you currently have, there is time to decide where to go next.

There is time to take a gap year from college if that’s what you need. There is time to decide what school is best for you.

There is time to heal from trauma you never fathomed would happen to you. There is time to find the right counselor if you haven’t yet. There is time to find the right medication(s) if your brain needs them. It takes time. You will find your strength.

There is time to get back into an exercise routine if you’ve been putting it off. There is time to feel good in your precious body.

It’s true – we don’t really know how much time we have. But every second is another second to live the life you’ve been given. If you can’t go through it one day at a time, go one second at a time.

Patience is a practice and it’s so incredibly valuable. Usually, our brains move faster than our hearts. Our hearts know there is time, but our brains want answers and results now.

No matter what, you will be ready for whatever outcome may come. Trust that what is unknown will be known if it’s meant to. Trust that no matter what happens you will be okay. You are growing into a person made for every season. You are ready for change.

About the author

Jacqueline Whitney

Jacqueline Whitney is the author of Beyond Worthy, a collection of poetry that offers hope and reassurance for those questioning whether they’ll ever truly be okay.