You Should Laugh Today

With everything stressing, stressing, always stressing, it’s easy to take life too seriously, to frown and scowl and pass the day in annoyance. So you should definitely laugh.

7a8dbd60cb2e03ca2058f1bea76236e1Kat George is a writer with a heart of gold. She's written a book about her vagina, Pink Bits, for Thought Catalog, ...

My Dating Life Explained By The Two Most Important Men Of ‘Sex And The City’

I ended up really hurting one guy in particular and I still feel bad about it to this day. I didn’t give one smiling poop face emoji about this person and I knew it.

I am currently a graduate student of history, struggling to maintain my sanity (I hope my efforts are working). I ...

3 Reasons Why Growing Up Isn’t For Everyone

Don’t get me wrong, you learn a lot in college. You learn to never walk down the main lawn at 10:30, 1:30 or 3:30 or else you’ll make awkward eye contact with every person you have ever met in your life.

maggiecannonA recent advertising graduate and a newly inducted member into the Quarter Life Crisis Club.

16 Undeniable Signs You’re A Book Nerd

You love second-hand bookshops, even though your friends might find them smelly or creepy.

11 Things I Learned From 11 Relationships

It is at this point where I have to summarize and collate all that I have learned for four years of my life, and even beyond that as I enter a new phase called the undecided.

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