Time Is A Fat Circle – The Rust Cohle “True Detective” Diet

Part of makes Rust Cohle’s dime store metaphysical nihilism so palatable has a lot to do with the fact that he’s an extremely handsome individual. An ugly or fat person would never get away with developing such an unpleasant personality.

History Repeats Itself: Jews Being Told To Register In Eastern Ukraine Or Be Deported

Bring your ID and passport, proof or the property you own, your religious documents. Also bring $50.


I am looking for submissions from writers on politics, culture, and world events who are able to do analysis, form ...


5 Myths About Feminism That People Need To Stop Believing Right Now

At its core, feminism is about the fight for gender equality.

1625568_10152229712953930_184072869_nIlana is a sophomore in college studying to be an elementary school teacher. She enjoys traveling, writing, playing ...

Boston Wrong

I’m from the Boston area, but shared grief makes me nauseous. This constant “Boston Strong” incantation needs to stop.

The 50 Best Qualities A Modern Girl Should Have

Be the girl who knows how to choose her battles wisely. Be the girl who will fight for what she believes in, but not fight for the sake of fighting.

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