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If You Don’t Feel Strong Enough To Leave A Toxic Almost Relationship, Read This

You both liked each other and it was clear, but he wouldn’t commit and kept saying it was timing. Now, you know that that was bullshit too. You were angry, absolutely. He was wrong for you, yes. You knew that you deserve better, no doubt about it. It has been time to move on, of course. But your feet weren’t moving. You haven’t left.

When You Meet A Guy Like This Let Him Go Immediately

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what will work until you start dating. You just have to grow together to see if you still want to do that. However, there are other times when you absolutely need to just cut the cord — and quick.

The 5 Real Reasons Letting Go Is So Difficult

Goodbyes are hard because by the time you have to say them, usually,  you have built memories, discovered more about yourself in and because of the person or place that you are leaving. You’ve grown together, but you are at an impasse now and you both feel it. You can’t grow much more together anymore. You know it’s time, but it’s still hard.