11 Things To Do When Your Dream Job Says ‘No’

Jakob Owens

1. Read The Entire Response

This may sound lame, but you know what I am talking about. You are looking for the keywords before you read. Is there a “sorry” or a “Congratulations”. Sometimes, you may be tempted to delete the message the minute you see “sorry”, but I would encourage you to read the entire message.

2. Breathe

It is not easy to read a rejection email, so breathe often. You can take your time with it.

3. Express Yourself

Yell. Don’t hold back. Verbalize your frustrations. Just don’t type. Get up, walk away for a bit and express.

4. Feel It

Do. Not. Suppress.

Let yourself feel what you are feeling. If you have to, cry. If you need to, scream. It’s okay.

5. Talk About It (Just Not Online)

Reach out to someone who you trust, who gets you, and vent. Whatever you do, keep this away from the internet.

6. Process It

And know that processes are not quick. It will take time to let this go, but do your best to let it go that day.

7. Affirm Yourself

You didn’t land the job and you are still incredible. There will be more job opportunities, this rejection letter does not add or remove from value.

8. Respond Kindly

As difficult as it can be in the moment, please understand that sending rejection letters is not fun for the person on the other side of the computer either. Chances are they have been rejected before too so they get it. Craft your response with this in mind.

9. Ask Them Why

It may be a little awkward, but don’t let that stop you. Start the email by thanking them for the opportunity, and then ask if there was something that led them to decide on not hiring you.

10. Learn From It

Whatever they say, take it and try to learn from it. Chances are it was a blind spot. You will do better next time with this knowledge.

11. Apply Elsewhere

There are more jobs out there and you are still incredible. Send out another application. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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