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Your Heart Will Always Reincarnate

The universe knew that human beings would have their hearts broken a lot and it gave the heart the power of reincarnation, so it could heal itself from even the most colossal of heartaches and love again brand new. Isn’t that incredible? That your heart is capable of loving again, no matter how badly it has been hurt?

No One Is Coming To Save You, But You’re Going To Be Okay

You see, here is the brutal truth about people: they may have the absolute best intentions, but they will, like the leaves of the trees that promised they would never leave, drift away. They are temporary and unreliable. They have their own issues to work through, and no matter how much they promise they are going to be there for you, people will let you down. It’s human nature.

Love In The Moment

This is how true love happens. This is how lasting love happens. It is not the movie theatre type of romance, it is not grand gestures, and dying confessions. Love, real love, is in the quiet of a thunderstorm feeling safe.

It’s Not Me, It’s You

No, I am not going to sit here and pretend the problem was me when very clearly it was you. You don’t get to treat me like I am nothing but a fire you need to warm your hands by only to douse it out when the time has come to leave.

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