What To Look For In A Human Being

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They say humans are predictable. That the best way to understand another human being is look at their pattern of behaviour and allow it to dictate your perception of them. But humans are also unpredictable because they’re so susceptible to change. And different. And strange. So what is the true measure of a person? How do you decide if someone is worth having in your life or not?

You look for who they are when times are tough. You understand who they are under pressure. If they panic, if they cry, if they stand up and fight, thats how you see the mettle of a human being. If they take time to come around but they still dust themselves off and fight, they are worth keeping around.

You look for who they are when others need comfort. When you see someone treat others in pain, or who are fragile, that is when you recognise a good human being for what they are. Kindness is the best testament of someone’s nature.

You look for who they are when someone apologises to them for a mistake they have made. You understand that an apology should be accepted graciously, especially if it coming with a heartfelt attempt to mend things that have been broken. If they are forgiving and loving in the face of apologies, then they are certainly the kind of person you want around.

You look for who they are when they make a mistake and must apologise. Do they try their hardest to make amends? Do they do everything they possibly can to fix what is broken? That is how you know what kind of person is worth your time and friendship.

The true nature of a human being is revealed softly, quietly in their actions and their words. All you need to do is accept that everyone is flawed and deserves the chance to show you their good qualities and how wonderful they can be. If you look for the positive rather than the negative, you will find the things that mean the most. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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