On The Days You Feel Misunderstood, I Hope You Remember This


Some days you’re going to feel so unbeautiful. Some days the one you need most is not going to want to touch you, hold you, see you, be around you when you ache, when you need them to choose you without having to ask them to. Some moments, they will not understand you because souls like yours are so old, they are too ancient to fully comprehend. Sometimes your being a force of nature will go against you. Sometimes putting others before you is going to go against you. And you will hurt darling, how you will hurt. It will feel like the pain is ripping through your body and all you want to do is scream because how, how, how could this happen to you again?

This is the tragedy of having a heart so big that smaller hearts and minds cannot handle you. This is the trouble with trying so hard that you expect others to give you to same courtesy. And it never works like that. Because not everyone has the gift within them to give as much as you. Your selflessness feels like your ruin on some days and for that I am sorry, so sorry.

On those days I hope you can remember how high you have climbed just to feel the sun on your face. How brave you are. Remember sitting on the ledge of that building looking at how far down the ground was and having the confidence in yourself not to fall. Remember staring into the eyes of those who have hurt you and taking away their power by never allowing them to hurt you anymore. Remember clawing your way out of every abyss that you fell into, just to breathe again. Now channel that girl, that lioness again. You can conquer anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River and Your Heart Is The Sea.

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