The Truth About Soulmates

I’ve been thinking about soulmates again. And I think soulmates do exist, but not in the be all, end all, love only one-person kind of way. I believe soul mates exist in the way of we encounter many people that fulfill the role for us.

Someone you look at the stars with could be your looking at the stars kind of soulmate. Someone you speak to about the deepest, most meaningful things in the world could be your conversational soulmate. Someone you create with could be your artistic soulmate. I think you get the picture of where I am trying to go with this.

Where we fail as people is that we expect one person to fulfill all of those roles for us. We romanticize people and put them on a pedestal. We expect a perfect love, the kind of love where one person will be the beginning and end of all our love. Where one person will fill the holes where life has punched us, or left us abandoned. No wonder so many people end up being temporary to each other. The expectation is too much of a burden to put on anyone’s shoulders.

At the end of the day, what we look for in a relationship should simply be love and understanding. Everything else? Well, that is why you have yourself. That is why having friends and family are there. That is why it is so important to exercise a balance between your friends and your family as well as the person you are in a relationship with. Each person means something to you on an entirely different level. You are everything within yourself, your strength being what you need to fulfil yourself. Your parents are the rocks that support you unconditionally. Your best friend is there for you when time gets rough as you are in turn for them. Your other friends, some to have coffee conversations with, some to have a good time with, some to go to art shows and shop with, some to jump of a plane with, whatever you are into, there are different people for those things and that is why it is so important to never ever place all of your needs and wants on one person.

The key to any successful relationship is to realise that soulmates come in many forms and the truth is, your significant other cannot fulfill them all for you. Instead you must look at your significant other as another person to love in your life as opposed to the only person to love ever.

Find many soulmates. Find them and love them all for the beautiful, individual mark they leave on your life.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River and Your Heart Is The Sea.

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