The Truth About Life and Suffering

They say, “Yes you will suffer.”

But they don’t say, “But you will also experience the deepest of joys. You will experience the births and deaths of the greatest of loves. You will grow and gain beautiful lessons about your own humanity along the way. You will experience the seasons in all of their incredible glory. And the ocean at your feet on a hot summer’s days, the sand tickling your skin as you walk away from it. And the sun warming the blood under your skin after the coldest of winter. And the rain against your window will sing you to a peaceful sleep. And you will awaken some mornings in the arms of someone who will love you most of all. And experience the highest of achievements as a human. You may hold a son or a daughter or a baby brother or a sister or a niece, and realise how precious life is. You will feel your parents love for the first time sometimes and understand how much they love you. There will be moments where you are broken, true. But there will also be moments when your soul will gleam so beautifully, even the universe will bask in your happiness. Yes, you will suffer. But you will be happy beyond your wildest dreams. And that will make every second of the suffering worth it.”

They should say that, all of that. Because it is that balance that makes us beautifully and softly human.

And that, that is the greatest ever gift that we have been given.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River and Your Heart Is The Sea.

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