Six Lessons I Learned To Accept Myself And Others

God and Man

1. People will love you, but you must remember, they are human. And being human means they are going to make mistakes. Sometimes great, sad, heartbreaking, devastating mistakes that hurt more than anything. And they will still love you despite making these mistakes. But love does not make them immune to this.

2. The people you love will not always be around and you cannot always be around for them. This does not mean you and they are now temporary things to each other. It does not diminish what is between you in any way at all. So try your best not to hold this against them or yourself.

3. We are all carrying a heavy burden of disappointment within us, as we are regret. This is unfortunately something that becomes part and parcel with living. Being disappointed in each other and carrying pain that is caused by another is simply a part of being human. Simply a part of existence. Remember this when someone disappoints you, that you too have been temporary to someone.

4. The more aware you are of the depths of your regret, the more the chances you will make mistakes. The truth is, if you feel enormous amounts of guilt for what you have done and do not forgive yourself, you will eventually find yourself in a circle of despair that leads to depression and getting nothing.

5. Remember the same regrets have also along with the darkness caused some unforeseen wonderful things and people to happen in your life. This is the truth behind person growth. All of us experience devastating pain and learn our most valuable lessons from it. And it is in times of great suffering that we learn these things.

6. You should forgive, not always because people deserve it, but because you deserve to let go and move on to bigger, better, more beautiful things. And I am not just talking about people. I am talking about you. You must forgive yourself for anything and everything if you are truly going to move on and let go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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