48 Women Criticize Men’s Most Horrifying Fashion Mistakes


Khaki pants with a khaki shirt. Are you going on safari? My fiancé never realized he looked like the crocodile hunter until I pointed it out to him one day.


Striped shirts with plaid shorts. I see that combo entirely too often and it’s heinous. One guy tried to rationalize it with, “But stripes are half of plaid!”

No. Just no.


Man buns/topknots. I guess technically it’s fashionable…it shouldn’t be.


I can’t speak for every gal but I can say those chatchi jeans with tons of rips and white faded patches just seem too Jersey Shore to be attractive. I also way dislike baggy clothes, T-shirts tucked into pants, diaper butt jeans, too many patterns on pattern, stains/rips/worn to the last inch of use clothing and shoes, and lastly vulgar T-shirt messages.


Wearing sunglasses on back of your head. OMG. You look like a douche bag -_-#


My mom of all people told me this one. Belt ALWAYS must match the color/material of your shoes. If you’re wearing brown leather boots (like I do) then have a thick, brown leather belt, not some dinky little dress belt. But also if you’re wearing classy shoes, with nice pants, but are wearing some thick ridiculous belt, you look stupid.

Also a belt buckle should have little to no color on it.

Finally, please don’t wear a cowboy hat, unless it fits the outfit. Strolling down the street in shorts and a T-shirt and vans on, with a cowboy hat makes you looking like a fucking idiot.


Thank you for asking this ya know what I hate … Bucket hats on guys or girls honestly … My friend and I set outside a local club while our bfs work and sooo many guys wear them to the club… Why?!?


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