48 Women Criticize Men’s Most Horrifying Fashion Mistakes


Fedoras. Don’t wear them. Ever. /EVER./


Jean shorts, a.k.a. jorts. Those are a huge turnoff. Thinking of them makes me cringe.


K so,

• Those beige knee-length shorts with massive pockets on the side.

DC shoes/T-shirts.

• Clothes that are too big.

• Jeans with glitter on them or any kind of shiny stones.

• Plaid shorts.

• Monster energy caps/T-shirts/anything.

• T-SHIRTS WITH NAKED/HALF NAKED WOMEN ON THEM. They’re the ultimate clothing accessory if you want to look like a douche who’d use girls as sex objects.

• Sandals with socks.

• Coats that look like bin bags.

• Hair that makes you look like a paintbrush.


• YMCMB clothing. Or anything with Swag written on it.

• Fluorescent green clothing, unless it’s for sports.


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