48 Women Criticize Men’s Most Horrifying Fashion Mistakes


Guys who wear striped tops and plaid shorts need to know that those two patterns do not go together!


Wearing running shoes with anything other than running clothes right before going running. Never ever wear running shoes if you’re not about to go running.


Short-sleeve dress shirts with a tie. Just don’t do this.


How about those retarded flat-brim baseball caps that are tilted jussssssst right? Please let those be a faux pas that can finally die off.


Based solely off my observations of male fashion:

Cargo shorts are fine if they actually fit. Too tight/loose and you look bad. Blue jean cargos are a no though. Khaki variations can look okay.

Shorts should end around the knee. All shorts have an allowance of 2″ up or down based on personal preference.

Complement your socks to your slacks and your shoes to your belt.

Tie tacks exist for a reason.

A nice leather wallet is a good investment.

Comb/brush hair on your head and face, including eyebrows.

Don’t wear a light-colored shirt with light-colored jeans and don’t wear light-colored tennis shoes with light-colored jeans.

Practice proper grooming habits, like conditioning your hair and beard, moisturizing your face, and trimming hair/beard/eyebrows.

Long socks with shorts isn’t okay, pulled up or not. Low profile/no show socks are great.

Baseball caps look stupid backwards, flat bills are for wannabe thugs, and fedoras are so far out of fashion you should just leave them be. A properly fitted baseball cap with a rounded bill that frames your face can look very nice.

If it doesn’t fit, get it tailored. If it’s far too big or small, give it away/don’t buy it. A good pair of men’s jeans fit comfortably (not loose or tight) in the hips, slightly hug the ass, and offer just enough looseness to see thighs without being tight.

If you’re a man of heft, don’t wear light-colored jeans. Darker jeans help create a slimming silhouette, but don’t venture too deep into black, which looks better on very small men over larger men.

Slim men, meet slim fit, it was literally designed for you.

Dark and medium browns on black doesn’t look good. It clashes, though camel, caramel, and taupe in small doses look okay. Feel free to play with these colors based on skin tone.

Wear shirts that look good with your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. My boyfriend looks good in jewel tones, though some men look better in other palettes.

My boyfriend isn’t the best dresser and is constantly looking to me to help improve his wardrobe and personal style. This is what I’ve observed with him and many other men. You don’t have to agree with me. The beauty of men’s style is that it is simple to avoid trends and stay classically well dressed.


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