48 Women Criticize Men’s Most Horrifying Fashion Mistakes


Get your hair cut at a salon and take care of your facial hair.

Use deodorant or some kind of cologne daily. DAILY, JERRY. There’s a lot to be said about a good-smelling guy. Could get me in bed with him or at least make him more attractive in my eyes.

Brush your teeth, and good lord, use mouthwash. Every bit of hygiene will get you a looooong way.

I shouldn’t even have to mention how to wear a baseball cap or what to do with the sticker on it.

Try to have more than just basic T-shirts. Go for a nice polo or button-down once in a while. Cleaning up your image makes yourself that much more presentable as a future husband. So keep that up.

Do something with your hair. If it’s too short to do anything, good, just make sure it looks like a neat, modern haircut. If it’s a little longer don’t be afraid to use a little product to give it some bounce. I’m not saying a lot of product, just a little bit of gel or foam to get it a little perky or working the way you want it to work.

If you’re wearing socks with sandals, pls stahp.

Be presentable, ESPECIALLY at dinner with a chick. Clean shave, etc. I’m talking some kind of button-down shirt with a nice pair of pants. Any kind of pants, you can PICK the pants (ITT: no cargo) but just have them look nice, stainless.

And if you just got off of work and specifically work at a food place, please shower. You smell like onions. (Had to get a boyfriend to shower when he got back from work and he caught on after a while…the smell was overwhelming. And I GET that, I worked at Subway for 2 years, I just didn’t smell anything after work at that point so sometimes people need a nudge in the right direction.)

TIP: You could be hideous, but if you smell nice, your attractiveness goes up at least plus 2. Add a good ensemble to that and you’re at worst a 4. Get your nice personality up and you’re already at a 6, even without winning the genetic lottery.

Last, be confident. If you can’t be confident, fake confidence. I can tell you from personal experience that after 6 years of faking confidence from middle school on, I am now one of the most confident people I know (even when I have my bouts of insecurities, as we all do). I’m social and outgoing and I couldn’t do it without telling myself I deserve a happy, fulfilling life. So get that smile up there (your wardrobe isn’t complete without it) and go fool some people.

I can’t think of any more fashion advice at the moment, but I hope this helps some dudes in the attracting the ladies (or other dudes, I don’t judge) department.


Wearing socks with sandals. Tucking tee shirts into your jeans. Not tucking your dress shirt into your slacks. Thinking Spencer’s shirts are appropriate to wear on date night. Wearing a sleeveless undershirt with no shirt over it. Wearing a nice button-up shirt with no undershirt. Wearing fedoras with band shirts. And the baggy pants/cocked hat combo is stupid and makes everyone who does it look like a douche.


So, I haven’t seen anyone here say it yet, and I hope most men know this by now at least, but I have still seen men (and some women, but this is about men) wearing front pleated pants.

No. Just no. Your crotch looks like an accordion.


For the younger guys, I get that fitted caps are considered “in style” on certain fronts, but at the very least take off those stupid stickers that say the size and “certify” it. You look absolutely ridiculous.

Also mismatching patterns and prints. If you’re wearing a red plaid button-down, you can’t wear blue plaid shorts. Stripes and plaid are also out of the question. Sometimes you can make certain patterns match, but if you’re reading this thread, you’re probably not advanced enough to do that. So just stick to one pattern and the rest solids.


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