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I Only Want An Old School Love

I don’t care about whether or not he tags me in his “WCW” Instagram post. I don’t care if he professes his love to me on Twitter or Facebook. Truth be told, that means nothing to me. I care about things happening in real time to real people. And I want to find someone who wants that too.

Before You Go, Promise Me One Last Thing

Promise me that you’ll carry our love in your pocket wherever you go. And promise me, you’ll never forget the love that we had. Because when the world seems dark and clouds fill the blue sky, our love still shines through. It always has. And it always will.

Maybe It’s Ok To Love Him Forever

Why not make your day better by remembering what love felt like? Why not open up your mind to what it felt like to be held by him? You should love the fact that you got to have a love that was big and great and magical. You should feel lucky.

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