Choose Someone Who Loves You Without Fear


We all understandably get scared of rejection, of confrontation and of getting hurt. So, sometimes, when we take our old bruised and beaten down hearts and give them to someone else, we get frightened. We get anxious. We get the urge to sprint the other direction.

But you shouldn’t choose the one who wants to run. You shouldn’t choose the one who sprints away from you. Never, ever choose the one who hesitates.

And never, ever choose the one who looks the other way when you pour your heart out to them.

Choose someone who stares right at your flaws and doesn’t flinch. Choose someone who sees the worst parts of you and doesn’t cover his eyes. Choose someone who witnesses you spit venom, and doesn’t hide in fear. Choose someone who will say “I love you” confidently and easily. With no tremble in their voice. And no shakiness on their lips.

Choose the person that listens to you when you’re hurting, and will hold you through it instead of scoffing at you. Choose the person who looks up at you instead of looking down. Choose the person who lets you shine on your own, and lets you walk at your own pace.

You deserve someone who won’t run at the first sign of trouble.

You deserve someone who won’t leave when you need them the most. True love isn’t supposed to flee the scene of the crime. True love stays, through thick and through thin. True love is stronger than the urge to say goodbye. True love should never apologize for its strength. And it should never apologize for shining so brightly.

The right person for you should love without a whisper of hesitation.

They will love you fiercely, without any doubt that you are the best person that they have ever met. They will kiss you loudly, and shower you with their confidence in you. They will hug you proudly, the kind of hug that doesn’t have a question mark in it. They will hold you, embracing you in their safety net. They won’t let any fire break their grip on you.

Choose someone who loves you without fear. Who shouts instead of whispers. Who leaps instead of walks. And who runs towards you, instead of away from you.

Choose someone who always has a hand out for you to grab onto. Choose someone who never looks at you with a frown, but looks at you with a gleam in their eyes. Choose the one who says “I love you” in everything that they do. Choose the one who loves you with every atom in their body and who will say “I love you” just by a touch. Choose someone who loves you and doesn’t ever leave. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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