Dear Taylor Swift, You Do Not Deserve This

Instagram / Taylor Swift
Instagram / Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor Swift,

I remember the first time I heard “Teardrops On My Guitar” on the radio. The lyrics were honest, vulnerable and most importantly truthful. I have grown up with you, loving every new album you put out, and crazy dancing to them all in my room all by myself.

I have grown up with you, hearing your songs being put down by the media. Seeing you being squashed by people saying you were “boy crazy”. Seeing articles about you, criticizing your every move, everything you said, and everything you did. And  I have seen my peers getting bullied, I have seen people all over the world getting beaten down by just telling the truth, by just being themselves.

You, even though you are a huge superstar, are just like everyone else.

You are just like me. You are just like those kids getting taunted in the hallways of their school. You are just like those women getting called “sluts” for having fun, for being themselves.

You are a human being. And you, do not deserve to be called a “bitch” on another person’s album. You do not deserve to be slut shamed, to be ridiculed for saying the truth, to be brought down by everyone around you.

I wish the world wasn’t like this.

I wish we could focus on more important things in the world right now. I wish people could realize there are way more important things in the world to freak out over. I wish I didn’t feel like I had to write this. But our society tends to focus on celebrities, on popular culture, on bullshit. And I am sorry you are apart of that. I am sorry you felt like you had to post a note to your millions of followers on Instagram. I am sorry people are laughing at you, and taunting you, calling you a liar.

You don’t deserve this. You just deserve to live your truth.

You deserve to live your life without being scared of what the media will say about you. You deserve to do what you want. I know you are kind. I know you care. I know you are a wonderful writer. You deserve to write without shame, to write without fear. You deserve, just like anyone else, to have a voice. To sing your songs, without an ex commenting on it. To write what you want, without millions of people trolling your social media accounts.

You deserve to live. Just like anyone else. Because even though you are incredibly famous, you are a human being. And I think people tend to forget that. You have feelings. You have emotions. You get hurt. You get bricks thrown at you.

But, just like you said in your song “Ours”, “people throw rocks at things that shine”. And they will always do this. I hope you know you shine through all the hate. Shine through the rocks and taunts being thrown at your head. Stay strong just like you taught millions of little girls to do. Stay fearless just like how you taught all of us to be.

I hope you know this world is mostly beautiful. And there are mostly good people in this world who love instead of hate. Who want to be good people, instead of the one’s who thrive in the gossip. Keep your head up. And keep on shining. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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