This Is How You Are Blindly Wrecking Your Life

Bianca des Jardins
Bianca des Jardins

We don’t do it intentionally. And we don’t realize it’s even happening to us. Because we are content. We are too comfortable with our lives. And with our endless amounts of worry. We are getting used to it. And it’s a problem.

Slowly, we have become programmed to get our cups of coffee, to drive to work in a sleepy haze, and to come back home exhausted and worn out. Then we pour ourselves some wine, treating ourselves for surviving the day. We then attempt to get our eight hours of sleep the doctor recommended, but end up lying awake till 2 am in a panic. We worry constantly. About our future. About the present. About what others think of us and about our past.

We never stop worrying.

Yet, we get up the next day and do the same thing. We keep doing it. Because it’s the only thing we know and it’s what society keeps telling us to do. We have to keep on going, to make more money, to save up for later, to maintain our figure, to do our parents proud, to keep growing up, to keep on driving without a tire check.

We keep driving on the fast lane. We don’t know how to slow down anymore. We don’t know how to stop. We feel like we are stuck where we are and we never plan to get out. We don’t do anything to get ourselves unstuck. We are too frightened of the unknown. So, we blindly go about our days. We mechanically go through our routine that’s always the same.

No wonder we keep getting sick. We keep getting prescribed more medicine. We keep on going to the ER more and more because we can’t breathe. We don’t how to breathe deeply anymore. We just charge out into the world, without looking in both directions. We keep taking our anti-anxiety meds. We keep taking our anti depressants.

But, we never feel better.

We need to stop blindly wrecking our lives. We need to stop having the same old routines. We need to start actually living. We need to learn how to breathe deeply and to slow down. We need to stop worrying and being so terrified of the unknown. Because, if we don’t ever stop, we won’t be living up to our full potential. We will just become ghosts of who we once were.

Stop sleeping through your days. It’s time to change your pace, to change the lane you’re in, and to dig deeper. It’s time to give your life the time it deserves.

It’s time to give yourself something better than old coffee and dirty laundry that never changes.

This is your time to open up your eye to what this world can offer to you. This is your time to do what you have always wanted but have been too scared of do it. This is your time to take risks. To travel. To fall in love without fear. To clear our minds of worry and regret. It’s time to start over. To begin a new life. The one you are destined to live.

The one that will bring you something more than what a doctor can prescribe for you. You’re worth more than that. You’re worth more than a daily routine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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