She Gave You Everything And You Gave Her Nothing

Julia Caesar

She gave you everything. Her heart, her mind, and her body. And you? You didn’t even have the decency to give her even a tiny piece of yourself

She gave you her dreams. She gave her fantasies and her goals, dreamily talking about it at midnight in your arms. She gave you everything that she wanted to do. And those dreams that she told you about until 2 am in the morning? Those dreams included you.

She gave you her strengths. So when you called her up on the phone crying about something, she knew exactly what to say to make it better. And when you felt like life was sucking you into a black of hole of nothingness, she gave you courage. Courage to keep going. Courage to keep believing.

She gave you her best self. For the December cold and dreary weeks, she lifted you up by just smiling at you. And she gave you her hands to keep you warm, even if she couldn’t always be there with you physically. She gave you memories that you will keep until you take your last breath.

She gave you her spirit. Her spirit to make you smile again despite your heart growing colder. She gave you her joyful laugh, that you could keep in your pocket wherever you went. And she gave you her bright soul, that she wanted so desperately to be intertwined with yours.

She gave you her body. Her curves and her flaws and her soft paper arms. She trusted you with it. To take care of it. To crave it, to need it, and to love it. She gave her whole body, and you only gave her a skeleton of yours.

She gave you her love. Her love that could ignite fires even in the dead of January. Her love that made you feel something, when you wanted to feel nothing. Her love, that you never knew how much you needed until she was gone. Her love, that anyone would be so happy to receive and to hold onto.

But you dropped it on the ground with the rest of her things.

She gave you her full beating heart. All she needed was for you to cradle it in your hardened arms. All she needed was for you to kiss it with every ounce of care that you had in your body. But you couldn’t even do that.

She gave you something every single day that she was with you. She gave you smiles, kisses, and hugs that any sane person would dream about having. She gave you everything that you didn’t know you wanted.

Until you lost it.

She was the kind of girl who could’ve started a life with you. She was the kind of girl who would’ve made you happy every goddamn day. But you wanted something new. Something a bit shinier. Something a bit cleaner. You wanted something you had never tasted before.

But then you realized what you had lost. And that shiny thing up there, wasn’t worth it in the end. Because you lost the only good thing that you had ever had. And you lost it the day she realized she was too good for you. The day she realized that she was gold, and you couldn’t see it.

She gave you everything.
And you couldn’t give her a thing.
She gave you everything.
And all you did was run from it.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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