Nicknames For Girls

100+ Nicknames For Girls (That Aren’t ‘Babe’)

If you’re looking for a more creative term of endearment than ‘cupcake’ or anything reminiscent of a cheesy rom-com, look no further! Below is a long list of nicknames for girls that are so much more interesting than the typical ones you’ve already heard.

Cute, Funny Nicknames For Your Girlfriend Or Wife

1. Poo Butt

2. Butt Nugget

3. Love Nugget

4. Fluffy Sunshine Pants

5. Cheese Head

6. Bubble Butt

7. My Beloved

8. Stinky Pinky

9. Love Sponge

10. Behbeh

11. Deuce Bigalow

12. Pebbles

13. Bam-Bam

14. Sugar Tits

15. Sugar Buns

16. Baby Bear

17. Poops

18. Peeps

19. Buff Babe

20. Stud Muffin

21. Living Angel

22. Angel Face

23. Gooby

24. Snugglepuff

25. Fuzz Head

26. Butt Face

27. Love Bully

28. Huggles

29. My Lady

30. Grump Master Flex

31. Queen of Awesome

32. Miss Poops A Lot

33. Miss Farts A Lot

34. Miss Squiggles

35. Snore Face

36. Cuddle Bunny

37. Snuggle Bunny

38. Love Bunny

39. Snuggle Face

40. Lover-1

41. Numbah One Lovah

42. Mama Fierce

43. Fart Face

44. Poo Face

45. Booger Head

46. Booger Buns

47. Love Buns

48. Kissy Face

49. Miss Awesome

50. Lady Awesome

51. [first initial]-Money

52. Snores A Lot

53. Spanky

54. Miss Kisses

55. Master Muffin Top

56. Fuzzy Nugget

57. Peaches

58. Dasher

59. First two letters of their first name + first two letters of their last name

Sexy, Funny Nicknames For Your Girlfriend Or Wife

1. Gizz Queen

2. Cum Queen

3. Penis Queen

4. Miss Licks A Lot

5. Sexy Pants

6. Sexy Face

7. Sexy Head

8. Sexual Healer

9. Master of Sex

10. Perfect One

11. Love Goddess

12. Sex Goddess

13. Fantasy Maker

14. Erotic Goddess

15. Orgasm Queen

16. O-Queen

17. Master-O

18. Nudie

19. Buns of Steel

20. Abs of Steel

21. O-Face Master

22. Climax Queen

23. Passion Pit

24. Sexty

25. Cuntmuffin

26. Living Dildo

27. Titan of Tenderness

28. Passion Papa

29. Lovemaking Maestro

30. Sexy Pants

31. Sexy Face

32. Sexy Head

33. Sexual Healer

34. Master of Sex

35. Love Goddess

36. Sex Goddess

37. Fantasy Maker

38. Erotic Goddess

18 Girls On The Nickname They Wish Guys Used Instead of ‘Babe’

If you’ve been dating a girl for a year or more, you can probably get away with using ‘babe’ as a term of endearment. But if you’re casually dating, you really better think twice before calling her ‘babe.’ Luckily, there are so many awesome alternatives to choose from.

Girls who prefer a creative / unique / weird / funny / personalized nickname

1. ‘Tapatio’, ‘Tapa’, ‘Potato’, ‘Tappy Feet’, ‘Ciabatta’ or ‘Ixtapa’

I actually think couples that call each other ‘babe’ constantly are gross and unimaginative! My boyfriend and I have all kinds of absurd nicknames for each other, but those come from years of shared memories and jokes… This is totally silly but he calls me ‘Tapatio’ (like the hot sauce). Ever since we met. In fact, he introduced me to all his friends that way so now most of the people in our social circle refer to me (in a dead serious way) as ‘Tapa’. And then came the riffs on ‘Tapatio’… ‘Potato’, ‘Tappy Feet’, ‘Ciabatta’, ‘Ixtapa’. These things just come from years of riffing on riffs.

– Stephanie V., 27

2. ‘A Personalized Nickname’

I don’t like ‘babe’. I feel like it’s general and not warm or intimate. Everybody uses it for different situations and it’s overused. I’m into personalized nicknames.

– Keren T., 34

3. ‘Nightmare of hair’, ‘Nightmare’ or ‘Limonchik’

The first time this one boyfriend called me ‘babe’, I stuck my tongue out and waved a ‘hang loose’ sign because I felt like we were living inside a surfer movie. At first it felt like a cliché. But then we started doing the whole routine and it became our own. My current partner calls me silly, specific things… Like ‘nightmare of hair’ (a reference to this beautiful, odd movie called Wizard People Dear Readers) or ‘nightmare’ for short. Or ‘limonchik’, Russian for ‘little lemon’. Some people might get offended when they’re called ‘babe’. Then again, some might be offended by ‘nightmare’… if they don’t know the background, if it isn’t their own.

– Kristina T., 25

4. ‘Weird Nicknames’

My boyfriend and I use weird nicknames that make us laugh, feel unique and close to each other, but rarely do we call each other by our first names.

– Alicia S., 29

5. ‘Babyschka’

Everyone calls everyone ‘babe’. So, I smoothly integrated ‘babyschka’ into the name and now my boyfriend calls me that. It’s basically ‘babe’ as Americans would say, but I infused a Russian flavor to make it sweeter. Then I saw my Russian friend who is dating an American guy and he calls her ‘babyschka’ too, so I was upset since I thought it was unique to me.

– Katya K., 32

6. ‘Big D’, ‘D Money’ or ‘Disaster D’

’Babe’ is a bit overused and unoriginal. I would prefer something funny rather than affectionate when we first started dating.

– Danielle H., 28

7. ‘Beanscone’

It was an inside joke from a road trip and just stuck.

– Hannah E., 27

Girls who prefer their own name (or any form of it)

8. ‘My Name’

I hate the name ‘babe’. I think it’s a cop out for guys to avoid calling you by your first name, especially when you first start dating and there may still be other girls in the picture. It’s too generic for me. I’m not a fan of many pet names. I would much prefer being called my name. However, once I’m dating someone for a longer period of time I can look past ‘babe’. It doesn’t bother me as much. It definitely shouldn’t be used in the first phase of dating someone though.

– Liz S., 22

9. ‘Shortened Version of My Name’

I don’t like anything too sugary or over the top, so I’m going to be boring and just say maybe a shortened version of my name or something with a private joke reference is always kind of cute.

– Julia M., 26

10. ‘A Variation Of My Name’

I don’t like ‘babe’. It’s cute, but not when you’re trying to get to know someone. Call them by their own name or shorten their name. That’s cute, too.

– Irma F., 46

11. ‘My Last Name’ or ‘Jewdge’

My first boyfriend invented the name ‘Jewdge’ and my family members still call me that. And I dated this guy who called me by my last name.

– Julie S., 25

12. ‘Call Me My Regular Name’

I don’t like it. No nicknames. Call me my regular name.

– Jackie S., 27

Girls who prefer other terms of endearment

13. ‘Doll’

I think ‘babe’ is used a lot to get girls to shut up and end a fight, which is annoying.

– Alaina C., 27

14. ‘Cutie’ or ‘Love’

I really like when my boyfriend calls me ‘cutie’. Everyone calls each other ‘babe’ so that’s sort of generic. It’s much more endearing when he’s like ‘hey cutie’ or ‘hey love’ rather than just the common ‘hey babe’.

– Maria Z., 20

15. ‘Love’ or ‘YO GIRLFRIEND’

I really like ‘love’ actually as a nickname. Tom calls me that. I adore getting texts that say, ‘Hi Love, how’s your day?’ When we were dating, I saw a guy scream at his girlfriend, ‘YO GIRLFRIEND WAIT UP!’ I burst out laughing, so Tom started saying it to be funny… and then it kind of stuck for a few years. So, I would do it back to him. I actually called him ‘boyfriend’ in front of a few of my running teammates and literally whenever he would come cheer us on at races they would never say his name, they’d all go, ‘Hi Boyfriend.’

– Sammie N., 27

16. ‘Baby’, ‘Honey’ or ‘A Special Nickname’

I don’t mind ‘babe’, but I definitely prefer other terms of endearment such as ‘baby’, ‘honey’, or a special nickname my significant other has made up for me. Something about ‘babe’ rubs me the wrong way. It’s a bit more short than sweet. ‘Babe’ seems more of an adjective like ‘she’s a babe’ instead of a term used specifically for me. Also, it’s a pig in the city. What girl is into THAT?

– Lee Lee E., 27

Girls who want you to call them anything other than ‘babe’

17. ‘Anything But Babe’

It’s creepy when guys start calling me ‘babe’ very early on. Like if I had a sleepover with someone and boom they call me ‘babe’ in the morning, that’s creepy.

– Erin B., 38

18. ‘Not Babe’

I think it’s off-putting when guys say ‘babe’ to women they are not dating. Whether intentional or not, it can have a belittling effect, especially if you don’t know each other well enough.

– Annie S., 23

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