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100+ “The Office” Trivia Questions and Answers

We all love NBC’s The Office, but how well do you actually know the show? The time has come to test your knowledge with these The Office trivia questions. No pressure to know all of the answers, but if you don’t, we will certainly put your stuff in jello.

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The Office Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: The casting team originally wanted who to audition for the role of Dwight?
Answer: John Krasinski

Trivia Question: John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, and who else were all, at one point, interns at Late Night With Conan O’Brien?
Answer: Angela Kinsey

Trivia Question: Who almost didn’t work in The Office because he was committed to another NBC show called Come to Papa?
Answer: Steve Carell

Trivia Question: During his embarrassing Dundie award presentation, who is Michael Scott presenting a Dundie award when he sings along to “You Sexy Thing” by ’70s British funk band Hot Chocolate?
Answer: Ryan

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Trivia Question: In “The Alliance” episode, Michael is asked by Oscar to donate to his nephew’s walkathon for a charity. How much money does Michael donate, not realizing that the donation is per mile and not a flat amount?
Answer: $25

Trivia Question: Which character became Jim’s love interest after moving to the Stamford branch in season three and joining the Scranton office during the merger?
Answer: Karen Filippelli

Trivia Question: What county in Pennsylvania is the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch located in?
Answer: Lackawanna County

Trivia Question: What is the exclusive club that Pam, Oscar, and Toby Flenderson establish in the episode “Branch Wars”?
Answer: Finer Things Club

Trivia Question: What substance does Jim put office supplies owned by Dwight into?
Answer: Jello

Trivia Question: What is the name of the employee who started as “the temp” in the Dunder Mifflin office?
Answer: Ryan

Trivia Question: Rainn Wilson did not originally audition for the iconic beet farming Dwight Schrute; instead, he auditioned for which part?
Answer: Michael Scott

Trivia Question: Dwight owns and runs a farm in his spare time. What does this farm primarily produce?
Answer: Beets

Trivia Question: In the “Diversity Day” episode, what famous comedian’s stand up routine does Michael imitate?
Answer: Chris Rock

Trivia Question: In the episode “The Client,” the employees read Michael’s movie script. Which employee read the part of Goldenface?
Answer: Oscar

Trivia Question: What does Michael burn his foot on?
Answer: A George Foreman Grill that he was cooking bacon on

Trivia Question: Who are the three main members of the party planning committee?
Answer: Phyllis, Angela, and Pam

Trivia Question: What does Michael pretend to fire Pam over in season one?
Answer: Stealing Post-It notes

Trivia Question: What kind of sandwich does Michael have a dream about when he’s the head of Michael Scott Paper Company?
Answer: Peanut butter and tunafish

Trivia Question: What’s the name of Dwight’s porcupine, who he used to make it look like Jim was pranking him?
Answer: Henrietta

Trivia Question: What’s in the thermos that Michael offers Pam during morning deliveries for the Michael Scott Paper Company?
Answer: Milk and sugar

Trivia Question: What brand is Michael Scott wearing on the day he accidentally wearing a woman’s suit?
Answer: MISSsterious

Trivia Question: Who does Michael wear on his head during the activity on diversity day?
Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Trivia Question: During the episode, “Prince Family Paper,” what’s the secret signal that Dwight and Michael agree on using?
Answer: Licking your lips

Trivia Question: Who calls Jim by the nicknames “Tuna” or “Big Tuna”?
Answer: Andy

Trivia Question: At Jim and Pam’s wedding in the “Niagara” episode, what was Kevin wearing on his feet?
Answer: Tissue Boxes

Trivia Question: What does Jim use to make Dwight salivate in “Phyllis’ Wedding”?
Answer: Altoids

Trivia Question: What does Michael eat instead of ice cream because they don’t have any?
Answer: Mayo and black olives

Trivia Question: In the episode “The Coup,” the Stamford branch members play what video game with each other?
Answer: Call of Duty

Trivia Question: What of the following colors does Angela think is “whore-ish”?
Answer: Green

Trivia Question: Jim Halpert knows the flavor of yogurt that Pam likes best; what is it?
Answer: Mixed Berry

Trivia Question: Who took over Pam as the receptionist after she went to art school in season 5?
Answer: Ryan

Trivia Question: Who runs the warehouse below the Dunder Mifflin offices?
Answer: Darryl

Trivia Question: What does Dwight keep a pair of in his car for special occasions?
Answer: Birkenstocks

Trivia Question: What is Toby’s daughter’s name?
Answer: Sasha

Trivia Question: What is the name of the actor who plays Toby Flenderson?
Answer: Paul Lieberstein

Trivia Question: Which actor shares his entire name with his character?
Answer: Creed Bratton

Trivia Question: In 2019, Jenna Fischer and who else started an Office re-watch podcast entitled “The Office Ladies”?
Answer: Angela Kingsey

Trivia Question: In the episode “Fun Run,” who are the three employees that go out to eat in the middle of the run?
Answer: Creed, Oscar, and Stanley

Trivia Question: Who served on the jury for the Scranton strangler case?
Answer: Toby Flenderson

Trivia Question: Who punches a hole in the wall between Michael’s office and the conference room?
Answer: Andy

Trivia Question: NBC passed a pilot for a spin-off called “The Farm.” Who was it about?
Answer: Dwight Schrute

Trivia Question: After the show was first picked up, what did NBC plan to retitle the series to differentiate it from the original British version?
Answer: “The American Workplace”

Trivia Question: What actor starred in the British version of The Office?
Answer: Ricky Gervais

Trivia Question: Who is the proud owner of a Cornell hockey bobblehead?
Answer: Andy

Trivia Question: Throughout the show, it was revealed that one of the office members graduated High School with Michael. Who was it?
Answer: Phyllis

Trivia Question: In the Season 4 pilot episode “Fun Run,” what cause does Michael organize a fun run for?
Answer: Rabies

Trivia Question: What is the number one rated Country and Western station in Scranton, Pennsylvania? (hint: it’s a bumper sticker on Dwight’s desk)
Answer: Froggy 101

Trivia Question: What color does Dwight paint Michael’s office when he thinks he’s taking over Michael’s job?
Answer: Black

Trivia Question: In what episode does Jim propose to Pam?
Answer: “Weight Loss”

Trivia Question: Which network produced “The Office”?
Answer: NBC

Trivia Question: What is the middle name of Gabe Lewis?
Answer: Susan

Trivia Question: What actor played Robert California?
Answer: James Spader

Trivia Question: Which of Angela’s cats does Dwight freeze?
Answer: Sprinkles

Trivia Question: Which cast member was having an affair with Angela’s fiancé, the senator?
Answer: Oscar

Trivia Question: Which office employee did Michael hit with his car?
Answer: Meredith

Trivia Question: Who started the fire?
Answer: Ryan

Trivia Question: What is Michael’s username for the online dating website?
Answer: Little Kid Lover

Trivia Question: What vegetable does Michael force-feed Kevin?
Answer: Broccoli

Trivia Question: Whose mother does Michael date?
Answer: Pam

Trivia Question: What is Scranton’s nickname?
Answer: The Electric City

Trivia Question: In the season 2 episode “Christmas Party,” what Secret Santa gift does Jim get Pam?
Answer: Teapot

Trivia Question: Who convinces Dwight that the CIA is recruiting him?
Answer: Pam

Trivia Question: What is the name of Kevin’s cover band?
Answer: Scrantonicity

Trivia Question: Where does Jim propose to Pam?
Answer: Gas station

Trivia Question: Angela, played by Angela Kinsey, mentions that her favorite song is what?
Answer: Little Drummer Boy

Trivia Question: In the episode “Basketball,” who does Michael say is on the team, ‘of course’?
Answer: Stanley

Trivia Question: Where did Michael get his “World’s Best Boss” mug?
Answer: Spencer Gifts

Trivia Question: In the “St. Patrick’s Day” episode, who gets sick on their first date with Andy?
Answer: Erin

Trivia Question: What did Phyllis ask Michael to do at her wedding?
Answer: Push her father down the aisle in his wheelchair

Trivia Question: Who wins the Fun Run in season 4?
Answer: Toby Flenderson

Trivia Question: What song does Michael dance down the aisle to during Pam and Jim’s wedding?
Answer: “Forever” by Chris Brown

Trivia Question: How does Jan break Michael’s TV in the“Dinner Party” episode?
Answer: With a Dundie award

Trivia Question: What actor on The Office shot the opening credit footage?
Answer: John Krasinski

Trivia Question: What actor from The Office and John Krasinski went to the same high school?
Answer: B.J. Novak

Trivia Question: What item of clothing does Michael insist on having dry cleaned?
Answer: His jeans

Trivia Question: Who is the Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin?
Answer: Michael Scott

Trivia Question: Who wins the bronze medal in the episode, “Office Olympics”?
Answer: Jim

Trivia Question: In the episode “Diwali,” who attempts to kiss Pam?
Answer: Michael

Trivia Question: How does Michael describe the wine in the episode “Dinner Party”?
Answer: An oaky afterbirth

Trivia Question: Who was a phone operator for 1-800-Dentist when she auditioned for The Office?
Answer: Angela Kinsey

Trivia Question: Which one of Michael’s girlfriends in The Office was played by Steve Carell’s real-life wife?
Answer: Carol

Trivia Question: Who was responsible for casting The Office characters?
Answer: Allison Jones

Trivia Question: In the episode “Basketball,” after the game between the office workers and warehouse workers, one of the office workers is shown continuously making shots. Which employee is it?
Answer: Kevin

Trivia Question: What can Dwight Shrute supposedly raise and lower at his will?
Answer: His cholesterol

Trivia Question: Which warehouse employee was engaged to Pam?
Answer: Roy

Trivia Question: What movie does Michael say that Dwight cried during?
Answer: Armageddon

Trivia Question: When is Michael’s birthday?
Answer: March 15

Trivia Question: In almost every meeting, Stanley is seen doing what?
Answer: A crossword puzzle

Trivia Question: Jenna Fischer kept what after the series wrapped up?
Answer: Pam’s engagement ring

Trivia Question: Who is the Assistant to the Regional Manager?
Answer: Dwight Schrute

Trivia Question: Who was sent to anger management?
Answer: Andy

Trivia Question: Which character speaks the first line of the series, and which character delivers the final line?
Answer: Michael Scott (Steve Carell), Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer)

Trivia Question: Who plays Todd Packer, a former employee, and Michael’s friend?
Answer: David Koechner

Trivia Question: What is Phyllis’s husband’s name, who also happens to work in the same office complex?
Answer: Bob Vance

Trivia Question: Who is the Human Resources representative at Dunder Mifflin?
Answer: Toby

Trivia Question: In the episode “Andy’s Play,” Andy Bernard performed in a local theatre production of what?
Answer: Sweeney Todd

Trivia Question: In the episode “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” one employee’s daughter is flirting with Ryan Howard. Whose daughter was it?
Answer: Stanley

Trivia Question: What is the name of the annual employee awards night on the show?
Answer: Dundies

Trivia Question: In the episode “Goodbye Michael,” what does Pam say Michael seems full of at the end of the episode?
Answer: Hope

Trivia Question: In the episode “Chair Model,” Pam would receive Michael’s chair when he got a new one. Who would get Pam’s chair?
Answer: Creed

Trivia Question: After the Fun Run to beat Rabies, who is the oversized check made out?
Answer: Science

Trivia Question: Based on where he eats most often, what is Michael Scott’s favorite restaurant?
Answer: Chili’s

Trivia Question: What art school did Pam go to?
Answer: Pratt Institute

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