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400+ Pet Names for a Girlfriend (That Aren’t ‘Babe’)

We’ve all been called the same old nickname of “babe”. These pet names for girlfriend are perfect to get creative with what you call your love each day.

There’s nothing cuter than a couple having their own special pet names for one another. When falling for someone, it’s easy to start feeling those mushy feelings of love and romance. This list of nicknames for your girlfriend has cute nicknames of all sorts– funny, romantic, unique. Browse the list of nicknames to call your girlfriend below to find a cute name you both will adore.

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How to Choose Pet Names for Girlfriend

Pick Something Personal

Sometimes the best nicknames are tied to sweet rituals or memories. Think through the things you both enjoy or inside jokes you have because they could lead to the perfect pet name. For example, if she spilled her popcorn at the movies once, you could call her your sweet popcorn kernel. Perfect nicknames for girlfriends are the names that let her know you remember your cute memories together and that you care about her.

Base it off of Their Name

Many nicknames are based on a portion of someone’s name so, a great way to find a nickname for your girlfriend is to use her name somehow. Think about your partner’s name and if there’s a unique way to spin it into a cute pet name to call her that’s just right.

  • First Name: Her first name is a great place to start when trying to form a nickname. For example, if her name is Elizabeth, “Beth” could be her nickname. While that example is a bit typical, let it guide you toward discovering a more creative pet name based on your lover’s first name.
  • Middle Name: A unique way to highlight the beauty of someone’s name while also giving them a cute nickname is to use their middle name. Either pull a pet name from a derivation of their middle name or use the middle name itself. For example, if a girl’s middle name is Nicole, that can be used as a pet name or something that stems from it like “Nikki”.
  • Last Name: Many surnames are special and unique, so they can be used as great nicknames. Similar to the first and middle names, a derivation can be taken from her last name as well to make a pet name. For example, if her last name is McConnell, you could call her “Mac”.
  • Anagram: Anagrams are when the letters of a word are switched around to create a different word. Making an anagram of her name into something cute is a great way to show how thoughtful you are and that you care. For example, if her name is Alex, it can be turned into “Lexa” for a fun pet name.
  • Initials: Another great way to turn her name into a nickname is to use her initials. For example, if her name is Kristen Jones, you could call her “KJ”.

Consider Their Unique Characteristics

Think about your girlfriend’s interests or distinctive aspects of her life. If there’s a factor that stands out, use it to your advantage and make it into a special pet name for her. For example, if she grew up in California, you can call her “Cali” or if she wears glasses you can tease her and call her “four eyes”. Find things that are specific to your love and turn them into a playful name you both enjoy.

Use Their Physical Features

Another great way to find nicknames for your girlfriend is to take note of her physical features. For example, if she has red hair, call her “red”, or if she loves to laugh, call her “giggles”.

Classic, Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

These cute and sweet classic nicknames are perfect to call any lover, girlfriend, or wife. Not to mention, their sweetness has held strong over time!

  1. Honey – For the sweet girl in your life.
  2. Hon – A cute remark that’s short for honey.
  3. Sweetheart – For the girl with a kind heart and pretty looks.
  4. Sweetie – A name for the nicest girlfriend.
  5. Pumpkin – An adorable nickname for a girl.
  6. Beaut – For the girl who is downright stunning.
  7. Beautiful – For a girlfriend who’s a real looker.
  8. Gorgeous – This name speaks for itself; she’s stunning.
  9. Angel – For the girlfriend who’s so kind.
  10. Baby Doll – An adorable nickname to call a sweet girl.
  11. Muffin – A cute nickname for your love.
  12. Snuggle Bunny – For the girl who loves to snuggle up.
  13. Boo – An adorable term for the cute girl you love.
  14. Bae – This term stands for “before anyone else”.
  15. Baby – A sweeter rendition of “babe”.
  16. Love – For the girlfriend that’s the love of your life.
  17. Lover – For the hot girl that won you over.
  18. Cuddle Bunny – A cute name for the girl who loves cuddling.
  19. Cuddle Bug – Another rendition for a girl who loves to cuddle.
  20. Love Bug – A cute name for the woman you love.
  21. Boo Bear – An adorable name to call your girl.
  22. Princess – For the woman you want to honor.
  23. Queen – For the lady who rules your heart.
  24. Cutie – A cute nickname for the cute girl in your life.
  25. Cutie Pie – A sweeter rendition of “cutie”.
  26. Cutie Face – For the girl with the cutest face.
  27. Snuggle Bear – A sweet name to call a girlfriend that loves to snuggle.
  28. Sugar – For the gal who’s sweet a sugar.
  29. Shortcake – For the cutie that’s shorter than you are.
  30. Love Muffin – A sweet nickname for the cutie in your love life.
  31. Sweetie Pie – For the girl that’s as sweet as can be.
  32. Sweet Pea – For a girlfriend with a sweet heart.
  33. Honey Bunch – A name to call a girl that’s a sweet as a bunch of honey.
  34. Sweetness – For the girl who is nothing but sweet and kind.
  35. Baby Girl – A cuter rendition of “baby”.
  36. Lovebird – For the lover bird in your life.
  37. Lover Girl – For the hot girl you make love to.
  38. Sexy – A raunchy pet name to call the sexy woman in your life.
  39. Hot Thing – A pet name that’s spicier than all the others.
  40. Wifey – For the wifey in your lifey.

Common Nicknames that Have Stood the Test of Time

These notable pet names have held their cuteness despite the years. Use any of the cute names below to let your lucky charm know you love her more than words can say.

  1. Precious – A nickname to call the girl that means everything to you.
  2. Other Half – A sweet name to call your missing piece.
  3. Light of My Life – For the woman that lights up every day.
  4. Better Half – A nickname that always compliments your lady.
  5. Dear – For the girlfriend you hold near your heart.
  6. Dearest – For the woman that’s dearest in your life.
  7. Soulmate – The sweetest name that shows a lot of love.
  8. Darling – A timeless pet name for any darling girlfriend.
  9. Doll Face – For the woman with the most gorgeous face.
  10. Love of My Life – To the lady that brings joy and love into your life every day.
  11. Old Lady – A cute old-fashioned nickname to call your love.
  12. Honey Bunny – A sweet nickname that’s a fun rendition of “honey”.
  13. Hot Stuff – For the hot girl you call your girlfriend.
  14. Cutie Patootie – A cute name for the girlfriend you find adorable.
  15. Hot Mama – For the hot lady in your life.
  16. Dreamy – The perfect nickname for the woman of your dreams.
  17. Cupcake – For the woman that’s as sweet as a treat.
  18. Lovie – A sweeter rendition of “love”.
  19. Heart Throb – For the woman in your life that makes your heart skip a beat.
  20. Main Squeeze – A nickname for your right-hand woman.
  21. Sweet Thang – A fun pet name for your girlfriend.
  22. Toots – An old-fashioned nickname to call your love.
  23. Honey Bun – An adorable rendition of “honey”.
  24. Little Lady – This old-fashioned nickname is perfect for any sweet gal.
  25. Sugar Lips – For the woman whose kiss is as sweet as sugar.

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Romantic Nicknames for Girlfriend

A good nickname is something romantic and lovely just like the girl in your life. Show your baby cakes how she makes you feel by calling her one of the names like the ones below.

  1. Pearl – She was a hard oyster to crack but has a beautiful, pearly heart.
  2. Diamond – For the woman who sparkles and shines bright in your life.
  3. Lovely – She’s the loveliest woman in the room.
  4. Sugar Plum – For the lady that’s sweet as a sugar plum.
  5. Angel Heart – With the heart of an angel, she could never do you wrong.
  6. Prize – You won her heart but her love was the true prize.
  7. Blue Eyes – For the pretty lady with bright blue eyes.
  8. Flame – For the love you never want to burn out.
  9. Bright Eyes – You never want to let go of her beautiful stare.
  10. China Doll – For the woman that’s as precious as a little china doll.
  11. Cinnamon Girl – She’ll always be spicy with a little bit of sweet.
  12. Dream Girl – This name speaks for itself; she’s the girl of your dreams.
  13. Dream Lover – For the girl that makes dreamy love.
  14. Dream Weaver – She’s so perfect she even riddles your dreams at night.
  15. Goddess – For the woman you admire.
  16. Ace – For your right-hand woman that’s smart and sweet as ever.
  17. Lucky – This reflects more upon how you feel… lucky to have her.
  18. My Everything – What would you do without her?
  19. My Beloved – She is the most beloved person in your life.
  20. My Ride or Die – Through hell or high water, you can count on your girl.
  21. My One and Only – For the girlfriend you can’t wait to marry.

Beautiful Names to Call Your Beloved

Your angel face deserves to be called something as beautiful as she is. Let your loved one know how much you care by choosing a name below that speaks to you and your relationship.

  1. Queenie – A cute rendition of “queen”.
  2. Shining Star – For the girl that shines bright every day in your life.
  3. Starlight – She gives you guidance even on dark days.
  4. My All – Without her, you would feel empty.
  5. Gem – She’s your true, precious stone.
  6. Brown Eyes – For the girl with those sweet brown eyes.
  7. Angel Eyes – With the eyes of an angel, you never want to let her go.
  8. Saint – For the girl that is nothing but kind to you.
  9. Fine Wine – Even with age, she just grows finer, just like fine wine.
  10. Turtle Dove – For the little sweet in your life that makes you coo.
  11. Valentine – You know who you’ll be loving come February 14th.
  12. Divine – She is so perfect, she must be sent from God.
  13. Miracle – For the girlfriend that’s changed your life.
  14. Wonderful – For the girlfriend that constantly has you in awe.
  15. Wonder Girl – This girlfriend does it all and has you admiring her.
  16. Spirit Woman – For the woman that fills your soul with joy.
  17. Wonder Woman – The woman that puts all in wonder and awe.
  18. Superwoman – You don’t know how she does it, but she’s perfect.
  19. Rose – For the woman as stunning as a rose.
  20. Heaven – Every day spent with her feels like Heaven on Earth.
  21. Jewel – She’s so beautiful, you call her your precious jewel.

Beautiful Pet Names for the Love of Your Life

All girls adore feeling like they’re your special care bear that you love and admire. Pick out the perfect pet name below that speaks the most to you and how you feel about your baby.

  1. Morning Glory – She’s just as stunning in the morning.
  2. Treasure – It took a while to find her, but she’s straight gold.
  3. Sunny – For the woman who never fails to brighten your days.
  4. Poppy Seed – For the sweet girlfriend.
  5. Heaven-Sent – She’s so perfect she must be sent from God in Heaven.
  6. God-Send – God luckily brought this woman into your life.
  7. Angel Wings – She’s so perfect, she should have angel wings.
  8. Dream Boat – A boatload of dreamy this girlfriend is.
  9. My Fair Lady – An old-fashioned nickname to call your sweet.
  10. Doll – For the sweet woman in your life that’s as pretty as a doll.
  11. Flawless – She is just, perfect.
  12. Light of My Soul – She brings nothing but sunshine to your soul.
  13. Keeper of My Heart – You trust she’ll keep your heart safe and loved.
  14. Sun Beams – Her smile shines and brings joy to all.
  15. Moon Beams – This girlfriend knows how to guide you even in the darkest of nights.
  16. Little Star – For the cute girl that shines as bright as a star.
  17. Little Miss Sunshine – For the sweet girl that’s nothing but smiles.
  18. Rosebud – She’s sweet and perfect, just like a little rosebud.
  19. Juliet – Your the Romeo to her Juliet.
  20. Magic Woman – She creates lovely magic each day you spend with her.
  21. Spring – For the woman who’s as sweet as springtime.
  22. Stella – A spunky girl that stole your heart.
  23. Melody – Her voice is as gorgeous as a flowing melody.
  24. Blossom – Your love for her continues to grow each day.
  25. Love Blossom – This girlfriend is so perfect, your love only continues to bloom.
  26. Enchanter – This girl enchants you daily and you don’t want to break the spell.

Cute Nicknames for a Girlfriend

Your monkey muffins is going to love one of the precious nicknames in store below! Scroll through the many options and pick out which name sounds most like your cute girlfriend.

  1. Peaches – A sweet nickname for the girl that makes everything in life peachy.
  2. Poppy – For the woman who is bright in spirit.
  3. Bub – A cute pet name that can work for both of you.
  4. Bluebell – For the lady that’s as bright and beautiful as a bluebell flower.
  5. Gummy Bear – You just want to squish her, she’s so adorable.
  6. Fairy – She lights up your world like magic.
  7. Snowflake – Your girlfriend is as unique and special as a snowflake.
  8. Pumpkin Pie – Your gal is as sweet as a pumpkin pie.
  9. Butter Cup – For the woman that’s always bright and smiling.
  10. Daisy – She’s as precious as a daisy in a garden.
  11. Little Flower – You want to protect her like a child holding a little flower.
  12. Twinkle – Who sparkles in your world brighter than her? No one.
  13. Minnie – She’s the Minnie to your Mickey.
  14. Sunflower – She stands tall, beautiful, and as bright as the sun.
  15. Sunshine – She completely lights up your days.
  16. Lollipop – For the woman that’s sweeter than a candy shop.
  17. Flower Child – For the hippie woman that lightens your spirit.
  18. Fruit Loop – For the woman that’s as cute as a fruit loop.
  19. Donut – She’s as round and as sweet as a little donut.
  20. Red – For the hot redhead in your life.
  21. Cookie – You just want to gobble her up!
  22. Berry – Your woman is as ripe and plump as a berry.
  23. Sprinkles – Similar to the icing on the cake, she’s the sprinkles on top of an ice cream cone.
  24. Dumpling – Your delicious, plump little dumpling.

Adorable Names for the Gal in Your Life

We all want to be called something other than the typical “babe” or “baby”. Look through the list of names below that stem away from overused love terms like “baby” and make your girl feel one-of-a-kind.

  1. Honey Bee – Your girlfriend is as buzz worthy as a honey bee.
  2. Jellybean – No wonder you’re in love with her sweet, little self.
  3. Mookie – An adorable pet name to call one another.
  4. Sugar Smacks – Your gal is as delicious as this cereal flavor.
  5. Marshmallow – She’s as cute and yummy as a little mallow.
  6. M&M – Colorful and delicious, she stole your heart!
  7. Sweet Potato – This one explains itself; she’s as sweet as a yummy sweet potato.
  8. Pancake – She’s as skinny and mini as a cute pancake.
  9. Brown Sugar – For the girl who’s beautifully brown and perfectly sweet.
  10. Baby Bear – A cute nickname you both can share.
  11. Lamb – You’ll forever protect her.
  12. Little Lamb – A cute rendition on “lamb”.
  13. Baby Boo – A sweet name that can be used for both of you.
  14. Cherry Blossom – She’s as stunning as cherry blossom trees in the springtime.
  15. Cuddle Bear – For the teddy bear woman you always want to cuddle up with.
  16. Cinnamon Spice – She’s spicy with a hint of sweet.
  17. Good Lookin’ – This one speaks for itself; your boo thing is hot.
  18. Eyecandy – You can never take your eyes off your gorgeous lady.
  19. Honey Muffin – She’s a little plump but that’s just more to love.
  20. Kitten – Who’s more soft and cuddly than your woman?
  21. Kitty – A cute version of “kitten”.
  22. Jelly Bear – A sweet pet name that both of you can use.
  23. Jelly Boo – A cuter rendition of “jelly bear”.
  24. Ladybug – For the lucky woman by your side.
  25. Cinderella – You’re lucky you found her glass slipper.
  26. Lambchop – A cute version of “lamb”.
  27. My Lady – An old-fashioned way of saying she’s all yours.
  28. Sweet Girl – This one speaks for itself; your girl is as sweet as can be.
  29. My Gal – Another sweet way of calling out your loyalty to her.
  30. My Girl – She’ll stand by your side always.
  31. Lemon Drop – Your girlfriend is a little sour but a lot of sweet.
  32. Snuggle Pie – For the sweet girl you just want to snuggle up with.

Sweet Nicknames to Make Her Smile

These perfect nicknames will not fail to make your baby smile! Pick out the one that sounds the most like her and she’s sure to love it.

  1. Giggles – For the girlfriend with the cutest laugh.
  2. Freckles – Those freckles across her nose make you smile.
  3. Dimples – Those dimples when she smiles make her even more beautiful.
  4. Smoochy – For the woman you never want to stop kissing.
  5. Lovey Dovey – You can get mushy with her because she’s the one you love.
  6. Pookie – An adorable nickname you both can share.
  7. Munchkin – Who’s cuter than your little munchkin?
  8. Chipmunk – For the girl that’s a little plump but cute as can be.
  9. Peach – She’s as plump and juicy as a Georgia peach.
  10. Smooches – You can’t stop kissing your pretty girl.
  11. Cheese Ball – For the girl that’s a little corny but you love her nonetheless.
  12. Pet – For the woman you hold close to your heart like a lovely pet.
  13. Pookie Bear – A cute rendition of “pookie”.
  14. Poo – A short nickname to use when you’re feeling mushy gushy in love.
  15. Giggly – For the woman who loves to laugh.
  16. Booger – An endearing name for a girl who’s smaller than you and cute as ever.

Perfect Names You Both Will Adore

These nicknames are adorable and the best thing is that you both can use them. Show her how much you care by picking out a cute nickname that goes both ways!

  1. Booger Bear – A sweet take on “booger”.
  2. Button – A cute nickname that stems from her being ‘as cute as a button’.
  3. Snookie – An adorable name to call your gal.
  4. Snookie Bear – A cute version of “snookie”.
  5. Snookie Boo – Another sweet rendition of “snookie”.
  6. Snuggle Bug – For the little bug you just want to snuggle up with.
  7. Bubble Gum – She’s as sweet as bubble gum and you could chew on her all day long.
  8. Pudding – Your gal is as delicious and smooth as pudding.
  9. Pudding Cup – A rendition of “pudding”.
  10. Tootsie – She’s as sweet as a Tootsie roll.
  11. Bunny Ears – A cute name for a girl with adorable ears.
  12. PYT (Pretty Young Thing) – So stunning, she’ll have you singing like Michael Jackson.
  13. Little Caterpillar – For the girl that’s about to blossom into a beautiful butterfly.
  14. Tulip – Your love for her blossoms each day like a tullip does in the springtime.

Precious Nicknames for a Girlfriend

You want her to feel like she’s your precious gift? Then talk to her like she is one. Find a name below that will make your girl feel as good as gold.

  1. Kiwi – This sweet little fruit you love having in your life.
  2. Cuckoo – For the girl that acts a little crazy but you love her all the same.
  3. Butterfly – Your girlfriend is as stunning and fragile as a butterfly.
  4. Gumdrop – She’s sweet and sugary like a gum drop.
  5. Birdie – You never want her to fly away.
  6. Little Otter – She’s as adorable as a little otter.
  7. Duckie – An old-fashioned nickname whose cuteness stands the test of time.
  8. Duckling – Similar to “duckie”.
  9. Cutie Boo – A cute name for the boo thing in your life.
  10. Fluffy – For the girl with a little extra fluff to love.
  11. Fluff – Similar to “fluffy”.
  12. Little Cloud – You hope she never floats away like a cloud.
  13. Raindrop – Her beauty glistens like a pearly raindrop.
  14. Rainbow – She lights up the sky after any storm.
  15. Chickadee – For the charismatic girl you always want by your side.
  16. Mouse – She may be quiet, but she’s wonderful.
  17. Dewdrop – She sparkles like a dewdrop on the morning lawn.

Hot Girlfriend Nicknames

These hot nicknames are perfect to tease your girl with. Throw them around in the bedroom, use them during foreplay, or just say them around the house to have some extra fun. However you choose to use them, these names are bound to spice up your relationship.

  1. Yummy – You just to eat her up.
  2. Cum Queen – She’s the ruler of getting you off.
  3. Sexy Pants – You can stop staring at your sexy girlfriend.
  4. Sexy Face – Even her face is hot as can be.
  5. Cherry Popper – Her sex is so good it’s like she’s popping your cherry.
  6. Sexy Head – Similar to “sexy face” but this one implies her superb oral skills.
  7. Sexual Healer – Her sex is immaculate and it never fails to heal you.
  8. Temptress – She tempts you every day and night.
  9. Love Warden – She’s the holder of your love.
  10. Perfect One – This girlfriend has no flaws about her.
  11. Love Goddess – She’s the ruler of making love.
  12. Sex Goddess – Similar to “love goddess”.
  13. Kit Kat – You know you want to break off a piece of her.
  14. Fantasy Maker – Your girlfriend makes your dirtiest fantasies come true.
  15. Passion Fruit – Her fruit is definitely full of passion.
  16. Erotic Goddess – Just the sight of her turns you on.
  17. Hottie – This one speaks for itself; she’s hot as hell.
  18. Sweet Cream – You want to get her creamy in the sheets.
  19. Sex Kitten – You want her to purr like a kitten when you’re making love.
  20. Pussycat Doll – You love her pussy because she’s your gorgeous dollface.

Sexy Names that Leave Her Wanting More

These sexy nicknames never fail to leave your woman wanting more. Use them to taunt her before hitting the bedroom or to tease her when you two or alone. However you go about putting these hot nicknames to use, your girlfriend is sure to adore them.

  1. Orgasm Queen – She’s ruler of all things orgasmic.
  2. Tootsie Roll – For the girl with a little junk in her trunk.
  3. O-Queen – Shortened version of “orgasm queen”.
  4. Climax Queen – She never fails to get you to climax.
  5. Passion Pit – Your bed together is nothing but a pit of passion.
  6. Delicious – She’s so hot you want to take a bite.
  7. Dessert – She’s so sweet and tasty, you want her as your dessert.
  8. Tasty – Your girlfriend is so sexy, she’s your tasty snack.
  9. Cherry – You want to suck on her like a ripe cherry.
  10. Leather Lover – Her kinks turn you on.
  11. Spicy – She’s got a little heat but that’s what you like about her.
  12. Hot Lips – Her lips are so hot, they leave you burning for more.
  13. Hot Pants – Similar to “sexy pants”.
  14. Bad Bitch – She’s the baddest bitch you’ve ever known and that’s why you fell in love.
  15. Badass – She’s a badass in the sheets.
  16. Bad Babe – Similar to “badass”.
  17. Sexy Little Thing – She turns you on like no one else.
  18. Bootylicious – For the girl with a poppin’ booty.
  19. Sexy Devil – She’s hot as hell!
  20. Sexy Eyes – Her eyes make you lust for more.
  21. Legs – She’s got legs for days.
  22. Sex Bomb – This one speaks for itself; your sex with her is the bomb.
  23. Cat Woman – For the woman that makes you meow all night long.
  24. Tease – Even the sight of her turns you on.
  25. Boss Lady – She wears the pants in the sheets.
  26. Boss – You like a woman who knows what she wants.
  27. Enchantress – Her sex is so hypnotic, she enchants you.
  28. Sugar Tits – Her tits are as sweet as sugar.

Funny Nicknames for a Girlfriend

These funny nicknames are perfect for teasing your girlfriend when you both are in a silly mood. Use them as jokes when you two are alone or when she does something goofy. However you put these nicknames for your girlfriend to use, they are bound to make her giggle.

  1. Butthead – A funny name for the silly girl in your life.
  2. Bubble Butt – A silly nickname for the girl with a cute butt.
  3. Snack – She’s so tempting like an afternoon snack.
  4. Scrumptious – You just want to eat her up!
  5. Shorty – For the girl that’s shorter than you.
  6. Firecracker – She’s spunky and short-tempered like a firecracker.
  7. Babette – A cute take on “babe”.
  8. Monkey Butt – Another funny way of saying “butthead”.
  9. Fiesty – Similar to “firecracker”.
  10. Squirt – For the mini girl you love too much.
  11. Happy Feet – You can never get her off the dance floor.
  12. Foxy – For the foxy lady you love so much.
  13. Foxy Lady – Similar to “foxy”.
  14. Foxy Mama – Another rendition of “foxy”.
  15. Goofball – For the goofy gal in your love life.
  16. Four Eyes – A cute joking nickname for the girl you love that wears glasses.
  17. Heart Breaker – She’s so hot, she could melt your heart.
  18. Hot Shot – She thinks she’s big and bad.
  19. Knockout – She’s as hot as they come.
  20. Little Mama – A cute name for the mom of your children.
  21. Main Squeeze – For the girl you always want by your side.
  22. Partner in Crime (PIC) – Similar to “main squeeze”.
  23. Cowgirl – For the girl whose love is as wild as the west.
  24. Milady – An old-fashioned nickname whose cuteness holds true.
  25. Mama Bear – Another cute nickname for the mother of your children.

Silly Pet Names to Call Your Girl

These pet names are as silly as can be. Put them to use by joking around with your girl and teasing her with one of these names. Or, when she does something silly, use one of these names to call her the goofball that she is. However, they are used, be sure to have fun with them.

  1. Cat’s Meow – She’s so hot, she’s like the cat’s meow.
  2. Sassy – She’s got a little sass in her step but you love her nonetheless.
  3. Slay Queen – She slays all day, in fact, she’s the queen of it.
  4. Babelicious – A funny take on “babe”.
  5. Bite-Size – For the mini mama in your love life.
  6. Fun-Size – For the cutie that’s shorter than you.
  7. Pocket-Size – She’s short and fun and you love her more than you know.
  8. Tator Tot – For the girlfriend that’s as small and cute as a tator tot.
  9. Spanky – Her butt is so perfect, you just want to spank it.
  10. French Fry – She’s so tiny and yummy as a french fry.
  11. Small Fry – Similar to “french fry”.
  12. Shrimp – This little shrimp girl stole your heart!
  13. Fart Face – A funny name to tease your girl with.
  14. Smarty Pants – For the girlfriend who’s as smart as Einstein.
  15. Peanut – Similar to “shrimp”.
  16. Snappy – Similar to “feisty”.
  17. Smokin’ – Her body is as hot as the nearest fire.
  18. Bitsy – She’s tiny and cute as can be.
  19. Stinger – Similar to “feisty”.
  20. Miss Mischief – She loves getting into trouble, especially with you.

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Beautiful International Nicknames for a Girlfriend

These international pet names are gorgeous in English but especially in their native tongue. Whether they help to get in touch with your own cultural roots or show your girlfriend you’ve been reading up on hers, these are beautiful pet names to learn. Even if you’re simply looking to learn some new words in another language, these nicknames are bound to have your girlfriend feeling the hots for you.

Italian Pet Names

These Italian pet names are as stunning as Italy itself.

  1. Bella – Beautiful
  2. Amore – Love
  3. Bambino – Baby
  4. Cara -Dear
  5. Cucciolo– Puppy
  6. Ciccino – Darling
  7. Pasticcino – Cupcake
  8. Sei Unica – One in a Million
  9. Stellina – Star
  10. Gioia – Joy

French Pet Names

These French nicknames will have you dreaming of Paris, the city of love.

  1. Mon Ange – My Angel
  2. Mon Amour – My Love
  3. Ma Belle – My Beautiful
  4. Mon Chèri – My Darling
  5. Mon Chou – My Sweet Bun
  6. Mon Coeur – My Heart
  7. Ma Fraise – My Strawberry
  8. Mon Minou – My Kitty
  9. Mon Papillon – My Butterfly
  10. Mon Tresor – My Treasure
  11. Ma Reine – My Queen
  12. Mon Bébé – My Baby
  13. Mon Pincesse – My Princess

Spanish Pet Names

These Spanish pet names will have your girlfriend reaching to you like a hot Latin lover.

  1. Mi Amor – My Love
  2. Bonita – Beauitful
  3. Hermosa – Beautiful
  4. Osita – Teddy Bear
  5. Mi Cielo – My Heaven/My Sky
  6. Mi Reina – My Queen
  7. Mi Sol – My Sun
  8. Mi Luna -My Moon
  9. Mi Amante – My Lover
  10. Mi Alma – My Soul
  11. Angelita – Little Angel
  12. Azúcar – Sugar
  13. Bombón – Similar meaning to “sweetie”.
  14. Cariño – Dear/Dearest
  15. Estrella – Star
  16. Mi Preciosa – My Precious
  17. Querida – Beloved
  18. Mi Corazón – My Heart
  19. Mi Tierra – My Earth
  20. Mi Vida – My Life
  21. Mi Chica – My Girl.

German Pet Names

These German pet names are as stunning as their homeland.

  1. Schatzi – Little Treasure
  2. Knuddelbär – Cuddle Bear
  3. Barchen – Little Bear
  4. Mausebär – Mouse Bear
  5. Liebling – Favorite
  6. Süsse – Sweet
  7. Schnucki – No exact translation but it’s a pet name for someone you love.

Hindi/Indian Pet Names

These Hindi/Indian nicknames are unique and gorgeous just like their cultural roots.

  1. Jaanu – Honey
  2. Cheeni – Sugar
  3. Gudiya – Doll
  4. Chand – Moon
  5. Mehbooba – Beloved
  6. Sona – Gold
  7. Meethi – Sweet
  8. Sanam – Beloved
  9. Pyari -Lovely

Russian Pet Names

These Russian nicknames sound even prettier in their native tongue.

  1. Kisa – Kitten
  2. Malishka – Baby
  3. Solnishko – Little Sun
  4. Krasotka – Gorgeous
  5. Pchelka – Little Bee
  6. Zolotse – Darling
  7. Lisichka -Little Fox
  8. Kukolka -Little Doll
  9. Printsessa – Princess
  10. Zhizn Moya – My Life
  11. Rodnaya – Dear
  12. Sladkaya – Sweet

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