My Brother Disappeared Along The Oregon Coast, And I Think Whatever Took Him Is After My Whole Family

The sight of Calvin barfing into the last ashy remnants of the fire greeted me when I arrived back to camp. I almost lost my shit when he looked up at me with dead eyes which seriously made me wonder for a second if I was dealing with another brother passed on.

“Shit’s fucked,” Calvin dribbled the two profanities out of his mouth with a long string of drool.

“What?” I shot back before I kicked the fire to try and get it going again.

Calvin could barely keep his head up.

“Roger got into my shit. It’s all gone. That’s why I’m still fuckin kickin, man. He got into my bag.”

“Shit,” I spat through my clenched teeth. “Maybe he just dumped it?”

“I don’t think so man. He was acting like he was on some shit all night. Makes sense now.”

I thankfully found a loose cigarette over by the truck and lit up a smoke.

“What did you have in the bag?”

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