My Brother Disappeared Along The Oregon Coast, And I Think Whatever Took Him Is After My Whole Family

Code blue. Code blue. Code blue. Code blue. Code blue.


That two-word phrase coming over the speakers still rung in my head months later.

I wish I could tell you that everything worked out okay, and I got every answer I wanted, but then I wouldn’t be telling you the truth. The only thing I can say which could be taken as good news, is that Calvin recovered and made it through the night to survive. I tried to keep an eye on him afterwards to keep him on the straight and narrow, but I have my doubts if he is maintaining sobriety.

I don’t blame Calvin for struggling either. I have been myself due to the lack of closure we got with Roger. I simply told the local authorities that Roger disappeared off the four wheeler trail that night and we never saw him again. Didn’t tell them anything about that blue orb, but did give them the GoPro footage to show them what happened.

After weeks of nothing, they eventually found Roger’s four wheeler crashed up against some rocks down the coast, but no sign of Roger. Honestly, I think it was about the best we could hope for.

I never talked to anyone about that blue orb, not even Calvin. I never thought anyone would believe me or have any insight, but maybe I am wrong? I recently attended a narcotics anonymous meeting with Calvin for support and saw a pale, gaunt man, much older than everyone else in the group. Probably in his 60s, maybe his 70s, the man seemed as if he could barely stand.

The older man told us all the story of how his roommate had vanished in the night a few nights back and had never been seen again. The older man said he the authorities told him, his roommate had run off, but he didn’t believe them. Something strange had happened that night.

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