My Brother Disappeared Along The Oregon Coast, And I Think Whatever Took Him Is After My Whole Family

Roger emitted some kind of half-laugh, half-grunt.

“You ever fucked a chick with that thing on?”

Calvin watched Roger climb onto his four wheeler with a slack-jawed smile painted on his face.

“Yeah, your mom.”

“But that’s your mom too…

The firing of my engine drowned out Roger before he could complain anymore.

I laughed and led the way out onto the dark track, flicked the light on the front of my vehicle on and bathed the rising and falling sand of the dunes in a wide beam of white light.

Nothing got my blood running more than blazing down the four wheeler track with my brothers at the dunes in Oregon at night. Nothing felt better than that cool ocean breeze running through my beard, the roar of the waves soothing my ears from just yards away, and the heat of brotherly competition and bonding burning in my heart. I ripped back the throttle as hard as I could on the first straight away and stood up the way you might as a kid on a bicycle when you rolled down a hill.

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