My Brother Disappeared Along The Oregon Coast, And I Think Whatever Took Him Is After My Whole Family

The orb was just about 10 feet in front of us and looked even bigger than when I last saw it above the water. It had nearly doubled in size and was now about as big as a small car, a circular one like a VW Beetle or Fiat. It still couldn’t make out exactly what the orb looked like, the radiance of the light seemed to obscure the details of the thing. It really at that point just looked like a shining blue ball.

I turned my vision away for a moment, the piercing light finally too much and looked down to Calvin.

My concern about the orb was instantly overshadowed by the state of Calvin. Eyes closed, mouth drooped open with foamy froth on the lips, and a running nose, he was completely still. Might not be breathing.

I ran over to Calvin and dropped down into the sand to get a closer look. I at first thought I could hear him breathing, but quickly realized that breathing sound was actually coming from across the campsite, from the guts of the orb, as it slowly floated in our direction.

I put my ear to Calvin’s chest and I still couldn’t hear any breathing actually coming out of him. It was too late to say panic set in, but there is no denying that my level of haste was cranked up to yet another level. Based on some volunteer firefighting I had done in my past, I knew I had precious time to get Calvin to a hospital if his unaided detox had truly stopped his heart.

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