18 Landlords Recall Their Best ‘Worst-Ever Tenants’ Story

3. Rented to a tenant that seemed to have his shit together. Well dressed, articulate, owned his own business, and great credit. That façade didn’t last too long. 2 months in, multiple noise complaints and police had to show up for various domestic assaults. We evicted him, and he left quietly, but not before he decided to fap off on all of the walls.


4. Dude came in with his family. The decided to overload the dishwasher till it broke. We had a guy come into check it and he deduced that he needs to replace a part that they broke. The part was only available online so he told them to wait and not use the dishwasher. He gets a call later that night and the kitchen is flooded (the floors were hardwood) and he asks the wife why she used the dishwasher, to which she replied, “How am I supposed to wash the dishes? With a hose?” There was a deep sink two feet away from the dishwasher.

TLDR: bitch flooded the kitchen because she’s never hand washed dishes in a sink



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