18 Landlords Recall Their Best ‘Worst-Ever Tenants’ Story

14. Tenant had all but $25 of her rent paid for by government assistance every month. Chasing that $25 was a nightmare. The day her eviction notice came due. I drove up to the house and on the front porch stood a girl, maybe 13? I asked the next door neighbor who she was and they said she sometimes stayed there. The power was off, the water was off. But this kid apparently stayed there? A dog was inside the house. The tenants were long gone. The house was crawling with roaches, (Have you ever opened a cabinet and you the roaches are living inside the hinges of the cabinet? There was dog shit everywhere. They left mountains of clothes, mattresses, you name it.. We stopped by this place on a routine basis and so did the City who funded them. They passed inspections. As we were cleaning out their mess, 2 large gentleman showed up and asked why we were moving their things out. They lived there. I said, well I own the house, who are you guys? Oh we rent rooms here. OH I SEE!

They stole and sold all the appliances, busted holes in the walls. Ruined everything in the house, every inch of carpet was soaked with piss and shit, cracked floor tiles busted toilets, broken vanities. $7000 of repairs.

We went to file a vandalism insurance claim. They said it was “normal wear and tear.”

Yet someone shoots a firework through one of my rental house windows, I tell the window company that a firework did it and I expected to pay for it and they honored the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You may ask why we would do all of this still.. $7000 in write offs, lack of rent etc. Just made for a lot of tax write offs and we still were in the black for the year.



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