18 Landlords Recall Their Best ‘Worst-Ever Tenants’ Story

7. My brother rented out one of his three houses. It was a three story house with a small single unattached garage. Well, we heard through the grape vine that the police kicked in their door to arrest them over the weekend, but they weren’t home. After contacting the sheriff’s department, he learned that said tenants had skipped the state fleeing prosecution. My brother served eviction notice to the residence and posted it on the door for thirty days. He gets a call one week later from the tenants. They were asking him to put their stuff in storage. He went over to the house to check it out, discovered they’d gutted the house. They called back and said they’d send him a money gram to pay for the storage. He asked about the twenty thousand dollars worth the damage. They argued back and forth and the tenants said fuck it. Keep the shit. Never heard from them again. He talked to the city and they told him that he needed to wait one more month before he could set their shit out on the curb.

Me and him go over there to clean it out. When I say they gutted it. I mean they literally gutted it. They’d knocked out interior walls on each floor except the top. They’d pulled all the copper wiring out of the walls to sell I guess. They had extension cords running up the stairs from the several outlets they’d wired into the breaker box. The ceiling fans were gone. I assume they sold them. The bathroom sink was gone. There copper water lines were gone. Their furniture was O’sullivan brand particle board furniture and was all bubbled and from spilling drinks on them. The mattress were all stained, no frames, and no sheets. They just had a blanket thrown over them. The only think we found that was halfway interesting was an old television the third floor bedroom. When I picked it up to carry it out to the dumpster, it was super light and shouldn’t have been. I tapped the screen and discovered they’d slipped a curved piece of plastic in where the screen was supposed to be and removed the guts. After removing the back, we found their pharmacy and about a hundred dollars in singles. I pocketed the money and discarded the drugs.

They even pulled down the kitchen cabinets that’d been newly installed before renting to them and according to one of the guys across the street who came to pick through the trash we set out, they’d sold the kitchen cabinets three months after moving in. Everyone on the block was told that they’d bought the house and was slowly remodeling.
My brother was so pissed, he just put the house up for sale and sold it as is because he couldn’t’ afford to fix all the damage they’d done.



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