18 Landlords Recall Their Best ‘Worst-Ever Tenants’ Story

12. We rented out a room in our house for a few years to varying people. Our first two renters were great, no problems at all. We got cocky.

The next one interviewed well and seemed like a good guy. When he arrived with his stuff to move in he smelt. We were a bit concerned but he stayed primarily in his room and didn’t bother us. Then he got a girlfriend who turned out to be a screamer. No one is that good at sex to justify the level of moaning this girl produced. We were very glad when he moved out. It took two bottles of Febreeze to get rid of the smell too.

Second girl also seemed fine and all was well for 6 months. Then we went overseas on holiday and she turned out house into a hotel for her relations we had never met (who she also let stay in our house while she was back home visiting her parents). My parents alerted us to what was going on as they live nearby and once we contacted her via text to see what was going on she announced she would move out. We got home to a house that stunk of smoke as they had used the fireplace incorrectly, wax everywhere from candles they had burnt, a massive stain on our bedspread (that would not come out, had to be chucked away) and an empty bottle of lube under our bed. My husband still can’t talk about it without a vein bulging out of his neck. I can laugh now.


13. She freaked, absolutely freaked, when I asked her to repair a hole in the wall and a door pulled off the hinges. Lied about the damage being pre-existing in spite of a signed condition inspection form, and threatened me with real damage if I even tried to evict her. Repeatedly came to my house to deliver verbal abuse at the top of her lungs.

Around that time, she stopped cleaning and taking out the garbage, but continued to pay rent — non-payment of rent is about the only easy grounds for eviction in BC. I figured that out, but she illegally refused me access to the house to inspect, and as I was trying to get the paperwork together to evict on that basis, disappeared in the middle of the night.

The cleanup bill was $2000, and about another $1000 to repair the damage. Her damage deposit covered $500 of it.

It is illegal to discriminate against welfare tenants in BC.



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