18 Landlords Recall Their Best ‘Worst-Ever Tenants’ Story

10. Let’s see… I’ve had part of the Mexican drug cartel living in a unit. The feds showed up one day and busted down the door. Apparently they had been watching these guys for months.

I had a squatter lock himself in a unit and do all sorts of drugs. Had to have the cops come and forcibly remove him. (I could hear the crack of their night stick hitting him from the parking lot.)

I had a white supremacist threaten to stab me me because I was walking around at noon. (I lived above him.) We kicked him out and he moved in with his mom who lived in another unit. They sold pills from the apartment and pulled a gun on another tenant for knocking on their door.

There are probably more but that’s enough for now.


11. My brother had a family as a tenant in one of his houses. It was a recently renovated old Victorian. Great area right on a river. Massive yard. The perfect place to raise a family.

The family seemed super cool. And my brother is such a good fellow he really likes to help people out. And this family seemed like interesting and trustworthy people. He even gave them a bit of a deal on rent.

The mother takes in kids from abused homes. I guess she would foster troubled youths. Got a bit of something something from the government for her troubles. But she was passionate about helping these kids. Most in their early to mid teens. I remember there was a trans girl and a couple hard done street kids mixed in with her own kids, one which was a new born. Despite a few of them being from broken homes they were friendly. All in all there were maybe a total of 6 or 7 in the household. Helped with yard upkeep and loved their newly adopted family.

They lived there for over a year. And my brother would regularly give them things. He got a new bbq one year and just gave them his older one which was only a year old. Would sometimes get music or movie tickets through work and he’d give them to his tenants. Just being a helpful guy and checking in on his tenants every handful of months.

My brother comes on hard times and due to whatever problems he found himself in he was forced to sell one of his two properties. He gave them the legally required three months notice plus an extra month just because he felt so bad and even went out of his way to share the names of some other landlords he trusted.

The family says they understand. No harm no foul. Then after moving out my brother goes into the property to find the upstairs bathroom flooded and seeping to the lower floor. Trash is scattered everywhere. Holes in the wall. Graffiti scribbled across the walls in giant sharpies saying “fuck you whiteboy” and things of that nature. Kitchen cabinets were pulled from the wall and smashed. It was like a bomb went off. Complete and utter destruction of his recently renovated property. But the worst was yet to come.

For the past few months that this family lived there, the mother of this group of destruction decided to throw her newborns excrement filled diapers in the basement. Shit filled diaper bombs were piled high and spread and smeared at the bottom of the stairway and along the walls. No courtesy bag. No tight burrito spirals. Just loosey goosey butt to stairwell poopie diapers. It was like a doo doo doomsday down there.

All in all I think it all costed him around 70g and another four months to get the property ready for sale. He had take loans from parents and grandma and generally just hated himself for a while. He spoke to a lawyer from what I recall but was told for some reason insurance or landlord law related that he’d spend another arm and a leg going after someone who doesn’t have much money to begin with. Needless to say she didn’t get her damage deposit back.



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