18 Landlords Recall Their Best ‘Worst-Ever Tenants’ Story

8. My dad was a landlord who allowed his mother (who he wasn’t very close with, had a lot of husbands and abandoned him) to rent because she had nowhere to go. She had a wonderful way for words, and she managed to convince my father to let her own 2 of the houses in the apartment. Four years later, she filed a case claiming ownership of the entire apartment. She won the case because my dad’s father (deceased) who owned the apartment was still legally married to her. A few months later our father managed to claim the apartment back because apparently, his mother was legally dead (which was twisted, she filed her name in as officially dead so that she could receive the death pension). Since she’s dead, ownership was given back to my father.

TL;DR Father let his distant mother in as a tenant. Grandmother managed to claim a few houses of the apartment and then legally claimed the entire apartment as her own. Father claimed it back because grandmother apparently is dead (according to the papers).


9. I own a few properties in Sydney.

Tenants stopped paying rent almost right away (3 months). I had the locks changed on them. Went to the property 2 weeks later to find the places an absolute mess.

Poo on most of the walls. Holes in all the walls. A whole fucking toilet missing. Hot water system had a dead cat in it. Bath tub full of cat shit. Kitchen covered in dirty plates from the 3 months. Old KFC in the fridge. The carpet was completely munted. Cigarette butts EVERYWHERE.

$16,000 later my investment property is back on track. I never did manage to recover my stove or toilet from the old tenants but the insurance covered most of it



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