18 Landlords Recall Their Best ‘Worst-Ever Tenants’ Story

16. My dad was a landlord, but he owned a place in Vancouver and we lived about 3 hours away. A couple weren’t paying their rent, so my dad gave them the 10day eviction, and when we went back to Vancouver we were expecting them out (this was over a month later). Nope, they were still there and were obvious crack heads who threatened to call the police on us because we were entering “their home”. Had to have a court hearing and everything just to get them to leave.


17. This is no where near the worst thing that happened but definitely the farthest out left field. One property I rented out at a discounted rate to a family for 3 years and when they moved out after the first year their cousin moved in and never told me, rent checks everything came from the same name, bank etc. Until I got a complaint and had to show up one day and find a different person living in the house. So I called the previous tenant and they thought that their cousin could continue paying the discounted rent $800 from $1350 and I told them this wasn’t going to happen and they have to leave or I will make thing nasty. (They were being very disrespectful about the whole situation thats where the threat came from.)

Anyways they left and I came back a few days later to take a walk through the house and get it rented back out and the guy that left removed every piece of trim from the house and left it laying in the middle of the living room, I shit you not there was a massive stack of trim from every floorboard window door etc. in the middle of the living room. Anyways it was a 3 day jigsaw puzzle figuring out where to put all the trim back…



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