Anjana Rajbhandary

Beauty & Lifestyle Writer

Don’t Confuse Sex With Love

We spend too much time reading self help books and articles about what men like; what qualities men look for in a wife – most of which is a waste of time. Are you really trying to fit a check list? Most of those articles don’t even make sense.

This Is How I Will Love You

I will commit myself to you even if it scares the hell out of me, even if I know it puts me in a vulnerable position where I can get hurt so easily, risking it all and hoping that you will never break me.

This Is How I Will Choose You

Meet someone who won’t make you question your thoughts and your feelings. Meet someone who makes you feel safe. Meet someone you are scared to lose every day, but someone who will never let you get lost. Meet someone who doesn’t make you question yourself. Meet someone who makes you realize the magic of living, because that is the whole point.