10 Men On What Exactly Makes A Woman More Than Just A Hookup

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In today’s hook up culture, everything seems easy come easy go. But there are also plenty of happy, successful relationships. I asked ten men what makes a woman more than just a hookup to them, and this is what they had to say.

1. “I am really done with hook ups. I look for a good personality and the ability to compromise. Knowing that this whole thing is going somewhere makes her more than a hookup to me.”

–Jack, 28

2. “Compatibility and patience. I have been married for 23 years, and it is definitely not always easy. There has to be give and take, all the time. One always gives more – it is never always equal – but it’s normal.”

–Dan, 42

3. “Someone who I can have a deep conversation with, who has a promising career, and who has goals. Someone who connects with you and gives you ‘that feeling.’ She is probably out there somewhere.”

–Jeff, 25

4. “Specific circumstances under which you meet. If I am just looking to hook up, it does not matter how perfect or amazing she is – she will never be more than a hookup.”

–Andrew, 30

5. “Timing. If I am ready to settle down, then it is easier to see the compatible qualities in another person. I have met some great girls in my life, but I was not ready to settle, so their ‘great’ qualities did not matter; it was just my state my mind at that point and what I was looking for at that moment in life, which was: nothing serious.”

–Garrett, 32

6. “It has to click. She may not be drop dead gorgeous but there has to be some attraction – someone I can get along with and have some things in common with.”

–Ken, 35

7. “Someone who has family values. She has to have some type of morality. Someone who is not too forward and definitely not an alcoholic.”

–Kevin, 43

8. “The nice answer is intelligence and personality, but in reality if you see a hot chick, the first thing any guy wants to do is just hook up with her. You have to get to know someone before wanting to be with her, and if I like her, I will make time to get to know her.”

Patrick, 39

9. “Someone who is intelligent, kind, and has a balanced life – likes to have fun but is also responsible. Someone who doesn’t get around. Sexual compatibility. Definitely someone without any children.”

–Adam, 35

10. “A girl who is honest and knows what she wants and is articulate. A girl who isn’t ready to sleep with you immediately because that makes me feel like she sleeps with every guy she meets. A guy needs to work for a girl. A girl who doesn’t change herself to be with me, but retains her own self – which is admirable and a very sexy quality. A girl who is confident but aware of her humility, she is aware of her beauty but not shallow enough to take a thousand selfies. Someone who stands up for herself and other people in her life.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

–Joe, 29

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