11 Guys On Whether Or Not Long-Distance Relationships Actually Work


1. “The thing about long distance relationships is that they put an undue amount of stress on both parties, when maintaining a relationship can already be difficult. A relationship should not be a constant struggle. People need physical contact to create closeness and long distance relationships take out the absolutely necessary physical aspect of a romantic relationship, and it is much easier to stray and be unfaithful. Its like intentionally agreeing to a dead bedroom.” 

–Ray, 26

2. “They’re bullshit.”

–Jason, 26

3. “I think long distance relationships are either wonderful or doomed to fail depending on the person and their personality. Some people do not have the patience and that makes it hard to wait for their significant other, while some are willing to make a sacrifice. Honestly, it doesn’t work for me because I am the impatient type”

–Dale, 26

4. “I am now living with my girlfriend who I was in a long distance relationship with. I think it is a training ground for your communication as a couple. It gives you a much better shot at things working out. The one thing it doesn’t do is prove whether or not you are meant for each other. I think that has to be done in person, over time.”

–Tom, 28

5. “I have been in long distance relationships before, they are challenging and a lot of work. I wouldn’t want to start a new relationship long distance, but do not mind continuing a relationship that asked for it. Trust, transparency, and communication become much more important when you cannot see each other often. Otherwise you just grow apart.”

–Josh, 32

6. “Long distance relationships require a lot of trust. I think even people who live in the same city should ask themselves if their relationship would work long distance. The issue becomes: will they work when they are no longer apart as every time they see each other before is a vacation.”

–Jack, 35

7. “The distance is not the issue; it’s the insecurities you develop when you are alone. Instill confidence in your partner and grind for the benefit of the relationship. After all the hard work, the prize will be enjoying each other.”

–Jacques, 30

8. “I have been in long distance relationships and they suck. I don’t see the point of being in a relationship when they are far away to be completely honest. The physical presence is a necessary part of a relationship. As a guy, I think I can say the majority of guys know it doesn’t work.”

–Billy, 32

9. “Long distance relationships are horrible. But in my case, we lived together and saw each other every day and then she was in a different state. It did not work for me.”

–Brendan, 35

10. “I don’t think they last because you need to have physical contact – it is not in our nature to communicate via a phone or computer.”

–Alex, 27

11. “I think long distance relationships can work – you have to be willing to trust and commit. If there is doubt, it just shouldn’t be done because you are just setting yourself up for disaster. I think it also depends on where you are in life, if you are too young it is less likely it will last compared to if you are mature.”

–Anthony, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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