He’s Definitely Your Forever Person If He Does These 20 Things With No Hesitation


1. He will take care of himself and his health because he wants to stick around to be with you. He will stay active and try to be healthy so he can have as much time with you as possible – and he’ll encourage you to do the same.

2. He will not give up on you even when you have given up on yourself. He will remind you why you are amazing and why your goals and dreams are worth fighting for, because you had them in the first place, and that is one of the reasons he fell for you. He will always support you.

3. He will sit through hours of movies, shows, exhibitions, traffic, and traveling because you like these things and wanted to do them – because what is most important to him is to see you happy. 

4. He will make the effort to get to know your family and friends, and try his best to get along with them because he knows how important they are to your life. He will want all the important people in your life to have a good impression of him.

5. He will compromise or learn to compromise because no two people will agree on everything all the time. He will meet you halfway, and try to see things from your point of view. Even if in the end you both agree to disagree, he will always respect your views even if they are different from his.

6. He will always appreciate you and be grateful for having you in his life. This will show in his little gestures, as he will try to do little special things for you for no reason. He will not be someone who only talks, but will be someone who actually follows up with his actions. 

7. He will plan a future with you in it, whether it be saving for a house or a life together. Dreams are beautiful but things cost money, so he will be mature and responsible, and try his best to take care of you – even when you can take care of yourself.  

8. He will want to marry you and/or spend the rest of his life with you, not because you are a certain age or because all of your friends are getting married, not even if your parents are nagging you. It will be because he will hate the idea of not being with you for the rest of his life and will want to join your lives together.

9. He will not walk away even if you drive him crazy and make him so angry that he wants to just move on – he just won’t. He will stick around even after the most challenging times, and that is a keeper because he cannot imagine life without you.

10. He will choose to stay loyal. There will always be temptations but he will know that he loves and respects you too much to break your heart and your faith in love.

11. He will show up when he says he will. He will be there when he says he will be. He will keep his word.

12. He will make you want to be a better person, whether it be in school, work, or any other aspect of life.

13. He will trust you with all his heart, and he will be vulnerable in front of you. He will allow you to see the weakest side of him, knowing that you will be his strength whenever needed.

14. He will try to make your bad days better. It could be PMSing, losing your favorite shirt, not getting your dream job, or losing someone more important – he will stay by your side through thick and thin.

15. He will fight fair, because when you are with your forever person, it is not about winning – it’s about being fair and being able to see your own flaws instead of just focusing on your partner’s. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

16. He will be there for you when you are sick, when you have anxiety or a panic attack, or when you have gained a few pounds, because he is there for you for all of you, not just you on your fair weather days.

17. He is your forever person when the thought of him makes you feel safe and that everything will be okay, because he has proved himself to you.

18. He will be willing to make a fool of himself to make you smile. Despite being a terrible singer, he will sing for you at karaoke – because that smile on your face is worth tons of people laughing at him.

19. He will love you for all your flaws. You might think your hips are too wide, your face isn’t narrow enough, or that life would be better with ten less pounds. But he will love you for just the way you are.

20. He is your forever person when he will do ‘whatever it takes’ to make you (and keep you) happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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