This Is How I Will Love You

Silvia Sala
Silvia Sala

When I first meet you, it will be exciting and it will be passionate. I will think of you all the time, and I will smile on my way to work. I will want to see you all the time and we will text each other all day every day. I have the hormones in my brain to blame for all the butterflies and sunshine.

I want to love you, not for a few thrilling weeks or months, but for a lifetime.

As time goes on, the passion will slowly fade and it will start to feel a little mundane. I will start to question if I made the right choice and if you are the right guy for me. I will freak out wondering if I am doing the right thing and it will show in my words and behavior. I will start to find faults and notice the flaws. This is when I will remind myself that I chose to invest in you, and you come with a combination of perfection and imperfections.

You will see my weaknesses and you will find more blemishes. No one has only one side. We all have a part inside of us that is hurt, broken, and abused.

I will not run at the first sign of conflict. I will fight with you, but I will fight fair. I will not let my ego get in the way, and I will apologize when I am wrong. I will never belittle you to make myself feel better, because I know that would only make us both feel worse. 

I will not let the passion die, but what will grow is my compassion for you. I will grow to like you more, I will start to accept you for the good and the bad, because you are human and so am I. I may not like it, but I will learn to compromise and I will learn to make sacrifices, I will practice being less selfish.  

I will never treat you like an option; you will be my only choice. I will give you a real chance so you can bring out the best in me, and I will bring out the best in you. I will not wonder what else could be out there (because there will always be something out there), because I made a choice to choose you and I will stick with it.

I won’t be scared to be attached to you because I want to be with you. I want to frolic with you in our beautiful days and hold your hand during your difficult times.

We have to wait for all good things in life, and you will never be an instant gratification. I will never rush into anything. You will always be a long term emotional investment that will not always be smooth, but it will be worth the journey. People are made of beautiful qualities, and often we do not notice it until they are no longer in our lives. I have overlooked those beautiful qualities in the past, and realized it much too late. But I will never take you for granted.

I will support your dreams and stand by your side. I will always encourage you and be so proud of you. I will also tell you when you are being an idiot or mean.

I will have to make some difficult choices, and I will doubt myself and I will doubt us. I will never forget that relationships aren’t easy, that I did not choose to be with you for convenience, and I will handle whatever comes my way with maturity, patience, and a chilled glass or two of white wine.

There will be times when I will not like you and I will not want to be around you. You will frustrate me and annoy me, and I will want to leave but I won’t. I will make you feel the same, but no matter what hurdles come our way, I will not give up on you, I will not give up on us.  I will not let us fall apart. I will not forget to love you and I will not forget what love is, even when it gets rough.

I will not go cry on another man’s shoulder for the attention, after we have a fight. I will not say bad things about you to my friends when we have an argument. I will never wander. I will always remember you have a heart that feels for me. I will never cheat on you, because I could never hurt you.

I will love you unconditionally, with the possibility that you could break my heart in an instant, but knowing you never will. I will treat you like the most amazing thing in the world; I will treat you better than you have ever been treated. I promise that and I will always be kind.

I will let the whole world know of us, but never the details about us.

The only thing that matters is that you love me and you make me happy, what else is there to think about? 

This is how I will love you, because I chose to invest in you, and I will keep my word. And I will expect the same from you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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