10 Terrible Gifts For Friends And Family

1. Wrapping Paper There is nothing, nothing, worse than running out of wrapping paper. In some cases, you have to resort to covering your family’s treasured retail items in newspaper. “Positively gauche, father,” your son will say.

Brad Pike is a writer and performer in Chicago. His writing has been featured on The Sixth Wall, Thought Catalog, The ...

7 Of The Most Terrifying & Depressing Christmas Songs Ever

Imagine: Dozens of chipmunks, beady eyes glowing like Christmas lights, encircling your house and chanting these words at an ever-increasing volume. “We won’t go until we get some.” You have no figs, no pudding in your cabinets. Only a packet of instant mashed potatoes, a can of beets, and a half-eaten bag of Doritos.

CJ Hallman is a 26-year-old American in Beijing, China.

The Ultimate List Of 13 Things I Hope Stay In 2013

1. Selfie We’ve all taken enough selfies this year that we’ll never, ever, be able to forgot how our face looked in 2013.

625466_10101928666773172_2029661660_nJen Glantz writes stories that occupy a confessional territory where she exposes her deep love affair with New York ...

The Possibility Of You Has Become Very Distracting For Me

There are a lot of big bad things. The world is full of them.  They are smeared, and gray, and hovering over us. They hide behind suits, or masks, or collections of cells.

Laura Jayne Martin is a writer living in New York City. Her work has been featured on McSweeney's Internet Tendency, ...

Don’t Give A Crap About Being Cool!

Being ironic, being detached, in a word, being cool feels very important in our uber-fast tech-driven world of slick appearances and curated social media identities.

Zaron Burnett III is a freelance writer and journalist. He lives in Los Angeles and enjoys surfing, '60s soul ...
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