12 Signs You’re The Parent Of A Toddler

1. Your entire day revolves around the time, frequency, and texture of your child’s bowel movements. “Sorry I can’t meet you guys for dinner, this diaper is full of something that looks like swamp moss.”

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I Lost A Love To Cancer At Christmas

I remember the worst Christmas I’ve ever been through. It was in 2010, when a love of my life succumbed to cancer four days before Christmas. Cancer isn’t some obscure disease nobody has ever heard of—unfortunately.

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8 Strategies For Finding, Earning And Learning From An Apprenticeship

Excerpted from Mastery (A #1 New York Times Bestseller) After your formal education, you enter the most critical phase in your life—a second, practical education known as The Apprenticeship. The dangers are many.

Robert Greene is the bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power (two million copies sold), The 50th Law with 50 Cent, ...

5 Of The Worst Possible Things That Could Ever Happen To You

1. Making eye contact while on the toilet, or with someone who’s on the toilet Someone I know, let’s call him my “uncle,” once scored a hot date, and took her to the Red Lobster.

CJ Hallman is a 26-year-old American in Beijing, China.

Not Creepy At All: Amazon’s Going To Be Sending Drones To Your House Now

Apparently Amazon is planning on switching over to drone delivery for delivery of items within 30 minutes…cause paying people sucks.


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