I Played A Pirate Video Game Until I Felt Physically Sick

After a couple of hours, I had acquired a large frigate with like 40 cannons on it; I thought, ain’t no sucka running up on me.

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New York City Was Mine

New York City used to be mine. It’s a lot of peoples. Like the guy who is always out there at 6am selling fruit on the corner of 31st and 3rdAvenue.

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21 Pretentious Things That Only People In Relationships Do

Employing the word “soulmate” in casual conversation, as if that wasn’t the linguistic equivalent of coughing up glitter on someone in the middle of a sentence.

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How I Became An Orgasm Donor

Perched atop an exam table at Rutgers’ Imaging Center, twitching bare feet, I glance from the standard medical gown keeping me cold to drab linoleum floor to unforgiving fluorescent ceiling lights.

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85 Jack Kerouac Quotes For The Traveler Inside You

The beauty of things must be that they end.

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